The impact of the Korean beauty industry or K-Beauty is undeniable. It has influenced people globally, leaving an indelible impression across cultures even.

It seems everyone wants to be a part of the K-Beauty wave and for businesses; it’s a pie worth taking a bite of.

The 6th K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014 was recently held in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea managed and hosted by KINTEX AND KOTRA. Held from 30th October 2014 to 2 November 2014 and touted as the largest Korean beauty expo, the mega event was a huge resounding success. The expo had been meticulously planned to showcase the array of Korean products, services and more to the world, befitting its theme – ‘K-Beauty to the World!’

At the event, some 1,350 exhibitors were present to showcase their wares in the different categories such as Fashion, Cosmetic, Hair, Nail, Fitness, Inner Beauty, Aroma and more. Special allocated areas were erected to cater to the different categories that also include Food, Raw Materials, Packaging and special products. This initiative clearly pleased the visitors as it made the task of maneuvering the massive event a breeze.

The meticulous planning wasn’t restricted to the layout; it was also evident in the schedule.

To ease the anticipated volume of visitors, different days were allocated for businesses and trade representatives and the general public.

The K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014 also provided opportunities for Korean export companies to attract potential business from manufactures and the like. 1-on-1 consultations were also provided for buyers from emerging markets such as the Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia held at the KOTRA overseas trading hall. This is certainly a boost in the area of potential collaborations that can have a global impact. Seminars giving insightful advise on overseas expansion and online marketing were also held much to the delight of attending trade delegates.

For two consecutive years, the K-BEAUTY EXPO has been certified as an international exhibition from the Ministry of Trade and Energy and has become the official trade event in the specialized field and business of Beauty.

Beauty & Fashion in the Zone with K-FASHION Zone & K-BEAUTY 10 Innovative Products

This year, a special feature known as the ‘K-FASHION Zone’ was introduced. Fashion shows promoting collaborations between young fashion designers and pop artists were on display, which is a huge step inroad in fusing both Beauty and Fashion.

There was also another exhibit area that was specially set up. The ‘K-BEAUTY 10 Innovative Products’ showcased a myriad of products that were selected based on their innovation and ingenuity. Products on display at the exhibit could be tested and visitors were also encouraged to vote their favourite.

A beauty talk and presentation was also part of the event. Panels comprising of the people behind two of Korean’s most popular YouTube beauty channels, ‘OnStyle’ and ‘Get It Beauty’ were invited to dispense advise and address concerns on all things beauty-related. In addition, there were also makeup and hairstyling demonstrations that revealed the beauty styling secrets behind many Korean celebrities.

Media Partner of K-Beauty Expo 2014

The K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014 truly showcased the many facets of the Korean beauty industry and for businesses, it presented an array of collaboration opportunities. The success of this event will resound long after the booths have been dismantled. For the world, it means the K-Beauty wave has only just begun.

MyFatPocket is proud to be the Media Partner of K-Beauty Expo 2014.

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