Watch Chanel’s beauty review video on DHC’s makeup removal products – Deep Cleansing Oil, Make Off Sheet & Washing Powder.

A leading and popular brand in skincare products is Japanese manufacturer DHC. Its line of products in particular its cleansing range, have always been the choice of consumers looking for affordable but effective products.

DHC Washing Powder is a unique cleanser gentle enough for all skin. It’s a detergent-based powder that turns into a lathering cleansing foam removing dirt, clearing pores while maintaining skin’s moisture and softness. The product is blended with soap granules which help to wash away dead skin cells and dirt.

Another product from the cleansing line is the Deep Cleansing Oil. This deep cleansing oil works by removing dirt, excess oil and makeup, including water proof mascaras, leaving skin grime free. The blend of Vitamin E and hydrating Olive Oil in the product ensures that skin won’t be left feeling dry.  These benefits combined with the fact that its easily rinsed off as its water soluble, makes the Deep Cleansing Oil the popular product from the DHC line.

The DHC Make Off Sheet are made from 100% natural cotton. It’s fragrance-free and suitable for all skin types. Each aloe vera-infused cotton wipe works by removing impurities and helps to maintain skin’s natural pH level while depositing moisture.  Being portable, the Make Off Sheet is a choice for those who are constantly on the move.

DHC’s popularity does not look to wane anytime soon. Its products are continuously being sought after and revered amongst  skincare experts and consumers alike.

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