“Kim Kardashian sat down across from me and her butt takes up a seat and a half. In a very good way.” 

There is no end to the butt being the butt of jokes or wise-cracks (see what happened there?) comments it seems. But what is apparent is that a woman’s curves starts and ends (…and again) with her butt. For those lesser-endowed in the posterior department or suffering from a saggy butt, a trawl on the internet reveals many butt-lifting exercises that promise to perk up those cheeks.

Still, success seems to elude even the most fervent of subscribers to these exercises. The reasons range from working out the wrong muscle or over-emphasising the wrong ones to genetics. So what can a girl do to perk up her posterior orbs and go from being the butt of jokes to having the butt of envy?

Butt lift surgery and implants seems a viable option!

In this procedure excess skin and fat that may cause sagging buttocks are removed to add contour to the waist, hips and back of the thighs. Most patients who have butt lifts are discharged after 2-3 days but swelling may last for 3 to 6 months with full results visible within a year.

Butt implants are another option. In a butt implant procedure, the surgeon creates a pocket for the silicone butt implant and inserts it through this incision. The implant is positioned between muscle and fat or within the main buttock muscle. However take note that procedure as such can result in implant infections that may require intravenous antibiotics or removal of the implants altogether.

A popular choice these days is the butt fillers treatment

This non-surgical buttock augmentation procedure involves the injection of fillers to achieve volume for an improved appearance. Fillers used is a safe product for simple injection treatment that instantly restores lost volume to the body for a natural look. The benefits of the treatment are immediate and long lasting.

A single treatment reportedly can last up to 12 months. This treatment offers lesser inconvenience and a short recovery period.

Privé Clinic, one of Singapore’s most trusted medical aesthetics brand and renowned one-stop age management clinic provides an array of dermal filler treatments. This includes the non-invasive fillers for buttocks which is a safe and non-invasive butt enhancement procedure that leaves no scars and provides long lasting results. This treatment is an attractive option for women seeking to perk up their butt while boosting their confidence.

The array of services and treatments available at this clinic has helped many achieve their aesthetic dreams. Privé Clinic truly understands your beauty and aesthetic needs.

Written for Prive Clinic

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