Sneaker Pimps is kicking up the jam in Singapore this weekend. Fancy some sole food? This weekend your appetite is going to be filled as Sneaker Pimps, the traveling sneaker exhibition, makes a return appearance to this island nation. It’s been 14 years since the Pimps were last in town so this weekend’s show is […]


Being a mother is a 24/7 responsibility… and having a straight head on equally strong shoulders coupled with superhuman physical stamina has to be a pre-requisite. Here are a few tips to help you stay fit, focused and along the way looking beautiful, like how all Mothers deserve to. Breakfast of champions All that running around […]

“Sweet as bro!” Yea, that’s the usual response I get when I tell people I work from home. Sure it’s “sweet as” that I work from home but you see – together with my wife, we’re running a business out of our home. That is a totally different ballgame and you shouldn’t try it. We’re […]

Junior Copywriter

Junior Copywriter — you’ve been at it for a while. You love what you do but you can’t help but ask, “How do I advance my career from a Junior Copywriter?” Your experience as a Junior Copywriter thus far has definitely help better your craft and deepened your understanding of the Advertising Industry. As fruitful as […]

Another project done for PONY International – WE ARE #THENEXTUS. This time, it involved the co-ordination of shoot, talent & crew in New York on top of copy, concept & everything else that we usually do.  

The continual rise of yoga’s popularity is never more apparent than today. With stress levels at an all-time high globally, people need a form of respite to release and relieve unnecessary burden. For generations, yoga has been helping people attain better health and life. It has also helped people to discover newfound strength, perseverance and positivity. There […]

Boxing is a brutal sport. The agony, the broken nose, bruised ribs and crushed egos – the list is endless. And that’s before you even step into the ring for an actual bout.   “As much as I love boxing, I hate it. And as much as I hate it, I love it.” – Budd […]

Your company is in a position to hire and you have been tasked to look for suitable candidates. Just about anyone can put up a job ad and they’ll be flooded with responses – indeed, that’s how it was like but not so these days. Today, potential employees are more well-informed, more aware of their […]

Client : Lava Yoga Singapore Description: Feature Article writing for our client Lava Yoga Singapore published in AESTHETICS & BEAUTY magazine.

Teaser for Vamos Asia Fitness.

We’re proud to be the Media Partner of Singapore Wrestling for the inaugural Southeast Asia & Australasian Wrestling Championship 2014 to be held in Singapore. The event posters were designed to include the elements of Sportsmanship, Camaraderie and Fun which are foundations of any Sport.  

Handled copywriting for SingPost new parcel collection service, POPStation.


How do you survive the war of raging hormones in the office and how do you get out of the battle alive and unscarred? In no part on the surface of the Earth whatsoever, is there such a thing as a one-man’s land and thus, it should not be, too, a show possible that belongs […]


India, a country of rich culture, tradition and nature beauty is a nominated preference for photographers who desire to capture the essence of colours and magic; to the likes of renowned Hungarian photographer, Laszlo Berta. Known to be quick witted with numbers, motherboards and word logic, the people of India are also very creative. No […]

Jaded. Lifeless. Meaningless. Creativity blocked. Your passion carries a light weight suddenly. You look around the space and you pinpoint to what might be the problem. You need your creativity to come back home. Quick. You look into the mirror and you see the core problem. You know you are not being yourself but you […]


One of the things that we do is provide social media training – to both bloggers who are blogging as a profession or as a hobby. Many a times, we see many blogs out there that have not been touched and updated for ages! That saddened us, especially when some of those bloggers are our […]


There are brands and then there are logos. There is branding and there is conceptualising. There are times where we are prepared to pay a leg and hand for products that have that right logo on and there are times when purchases are made for cost effectiveness and surpassing quality. There is a line and […]


The beauty face of a magazine. The new face of Absolut. The who in shoes. Brands do not speak entirely for and of themselves anymore. Using celebrities from major walks of life to promote their product is common and to some brands, necessary; especially for cosmetic and luxurious retail brands. Is the celebrity selling the […]


For years, we see the same thing everywhere. Things which are so graphically familiar and recognisable, they almost have one universal voice. Things we coined as, “Symbol.” Iconographers, graphic designers, etc, whatever you want to call them, their masterpieces lived on this world longer than their very existence of lifetime. This week, we take some […]

feng shui

With feng shui spreading its wings and influencing the West, must creative personnel understand it to figure their Asian clients out? The difference between feng shui, taboo, superstitions and significance is that there is no difference at all. No idealistic idiosyncrasies with no further explanation. Life is such too, isn’t it? The situations down the […]

NEC Innovative Solutions Fair 2014 : Copywriting

NEC’s project on their solutions fair in 2014. Handled all copywriting materials for the event.

The Pier: Copywriting

Real Estate Copywriting project on The Pier done many years ago. Property projects are always so challenging, but rewarding. “Where thou art, that is home.” – Emily Dickinson

Mercedes Benz: Copywriting

Mercedes-Benz understands that your time is precious. That’s why as an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealership we offer Express Service – routine maintenance performed on your vehicle in two hours or less, on a day and at a time that is most convenient for you.   “The cars we drive say a lot about us.” – Alexandra […]

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies’ history is rooted in innovation – from inventing the first truly casual shoes to developing dozens of patented technologies that make their shoes more comfortable, lightweight and worry-free. “A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do it in a devout manner.” Thomas Carlyle