Dermal Aesthetics… The skin may be the body’s largest organ yet there are damages to it that eludes detection of the naked eye. Factors that cause skin damage include (prolonged) exposure to the sun, melasma (usually caused by hormonal changes) and a host of noxious chemicals and pollutants in the environment. Improper makeup removal practice, poor […]

Aegyo Sal

Aegyo Sal, as it’s more popularly known, is an optical illusion creation in the form of eye bags for those who want bigger looking eyes – inspired and influenced by K-pop stars. The interest in aegyo sal generates from the fact that the slight puffiness under the eyes accompanying a smile renders a younger and […]

“Men blush less for their crimes than for their weaknesses and vanity.” The rise in its popularity amongst men has even earned it a special nickname – ‘Brotox’ (brother and Botulinum toxin). According to a 2012 report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons there was an increase of 258 percent between 2000 and 2012, in […]

Fake boobs

Fake boobs! Her full boobs are not from the help of super wonder bra. But how to tell if your friend has gone for breasts implants (but too polite to ask)? Babe, your breasts look odd… Imagine the letter “p” or “b”. That is a fake breast right there. While fake boobs have really perfect round […]

Aesthetics Asia 2012

The only conference in Singapore where the latest trend and technology of aesthetics and beauty enhancements were revealed. You heard it first at Aesthetics Asia 2012! The 4th edition of Aesthetics Asia concluded on a positive note on the 15th of September 2012 at Sands Expo & Convention Center, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The event […]

We spoke to Mikyung Song, a Platelet Rich Plasma procedure Patient, a procedure that uses autologous blood, namely the blood drawn from your body. Mifamoon Dermatology Clinic is where “High-End” dermatology evolves; a place where you can realize beauty of skin and sensitivity. Unlike many other dermatology clinics in South Korea, Mifamoon Dermatology Clinic has […]

Innofill Procedure

UPDATE: Jump to end of article to see progress after one month since Innofill procedure. A virgin of minimal-invasive procedure called Innofill procedure, I was documented as I lay unconscious at the operating table at Mifamoon Dermatology Clinic in Seoul, Korea. They say 30 is the new 20. Physically, I don’t feel or look that way. […]

It’s difficult to ignore the Korean aesthetic wave that’s been hitting shores all over the world and sweeping through the pages of most beauty magazines. Medical tourism is a lucrative and an integral engine in South Korea’s economic growth. You can see them on the streets – billboards and patients alike! “Hey Sexy Lady!” – […]

8 Things you need to know before having Hair Implants

If you have ever spent nights in front of your television worrying about how to stop hair loss, you may have already come across a number of infomercials that portrayed hair implant as an immediate solution. You may also have noticed that the best hair transplant doctors often skew statistics in their favor or portray […]