‘Occasionally two great fighters collide, each bringing with them some grist for the mill’ - ‘Facing Ali’ , Stephen Brunt

The time on the wall clock read 5:05 a.m. reminding me that I’ve been pretty much awake since they laid me in bed hours earlier. I was in for a concussion suffered in the ring. ‘Occasionally two great fighters collide, each bringing with them some grist for the mill’ – ‘Facing Ali’ , Stephen Brunt […]

SK Jewellery

SK Jewellery, the leader in quality, stylish and affordable jewellery recently launched its new 999 Pure Gold Disney Cuties collection. To commemorate this auspicious event, SK Jewellery specially commissioned a 999 Pure Gold Disney character statue touted to be the largest ever of its kind in Singapore. Prior to the unveiling of the statue, SK […]

Wrestling Federation of Singapore

The Wrestling Federation of Singapore  (or WFS) was started in 2008 where a small group of wrestling enthusiasts got together and spent most Saturdays, learning and refining the sport’s techniques. Its mission is to establish and develop the sport of wrestling in Singapore and since its inception, the WFS has managed to do so with […]


In memories of Robert Capa (October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954) To the man who invented himself and “for superlative photography requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad.” “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” Robert Capa All the world’s a stage, and all men and women are merely players and thus […]


This article was inspired by friends who are well in the mid-twenties who have NEVER worn a tampon before and they are absolutely ignorant on this subject. So gals, this is for you and yes, we CAN go swimming with tampons in. Tampons, like pads, absorb your menstrual flow. But unlike pads, tampons are much more […]


When you are young you play with toys, When you are old you play with boys. But boys will always play with toys, Because boys will always be boys. 26 years ago, Bandai, Lego, Mattel and Marvel Comics triumphed the shelves of Toys R Us. The meticulous sculpture of every stretch of the muscles and […]


Photography. Emotions and intensive experiences spelt in photographs, connect and spur personal engagement between pictures and viewers. Emotional Photography Defined as an emotional connection and bonding, emotional photography somewhat has no definition or act of studies in application. Composition in itself may show portraits, landscape and even street and lifestyle. Aesthetic appreciation is the enjoyment […]


A baby asked God, “They tell me you are sending me to earth tomorrow, but how am I going to live there being so small and helpless?” “Your angel will be waiting for you and will take care of you.” The child further inquired, “But tell me, here in heaven I don’t have to do […]


How do you survive the war of raging hormones in the office and how do you get out of the battle alive and unscarred? In no part on the surface of the Earth whatsoever, is there such a thing as a one-man’s land and thus, it should not be, too, a show possible that belongs […]

The Art of Meerkatsu - The Seymour Yang Interview (Part II)

The first part of this article ended with Seymour on his involvements in fund raisers and charity causes. Indeed, Seymour’s well known for his generosity and commitment when it comes to events as such. That’s a hallmark of a truly inspiring individual in my books. His designs are really one of a kind, collector worthy […]

The Art of Meerkatsu - The Seymour Yang Interview (Part I)

Imagine being caught in a stare down with a Hell Sloth and just when you’re about to make for the exit, a life imitating art Flying (Fighting) Peacock descends, fanning out its wings as their feathery colors make your head a little dizzy. You feel a searing and burning pecking sensation to your feet. You look […]


The lifestyle of modern women today can be described with one word – hectic. Not only do we have busy working schedules, we also work longer hours with more late nights. As a result, we tend to neglect our health. Back-up plan when these health problems creep up upon us Regardless of the roles a […]

rich man

I am one of the most skeptical women out there. I believe in gender equality but I would like my man to pay for most of my shoes sometimes. I love mushy poetry but I only write sad, dark ones. What kind of a warp twisted world am I living in? What kind of sick […]

Nike Air Max 95 Trainers Review

It’s a shoo-in when it comes to shoes for me and I have a soft cushioned spot for trainers in particular. In fact, when my wife (then girlfriend) first caught sight of my trainers collection, she was “Surprised!”, “Astonished!”, “Overwhelmed!” and just about any other adjectives you can possibly think of. Mind you, this is […]


How much can one from a design industry earn? The creative mind develops at a very tender age – soaking up the world both visually and conceptually, scrutinising colours and texture, looking at the intertwined relationship between things, finding repetition and rhythm in what it sees. It looks at an object with positive instinctive manipulation; […]


One is never enough. There is always a minimum standard and unspoken expectation given to and set for every concept, design, article and artwork. “Two heads are better than one.” “One is the number of solitary.” Back then; artist collaboration was the trendiest. Almost all exhibiting artists have had their works collaborated with like-minded artists; […]


One of the things that we do is provide social media training – to both bloggers who are blogging as a profession or as a hobby. Many a times, we see many blogs out there that have not been touched and updated for ages! That saddened us, especially when some of those bloggers are our […]

Nevermind The Kicks Its Reebok Instapump Fury

Recently Reebok’s Pump Fury celebrated its 20th anniversary. It was a showcase of its past collaborations and the launch of its latest. “If a man’s fortune does not fit him, it is like the shoe in the story; if too large it trips him up, if too small it pinches him.” – Horace Shoes, it’s […]


There are brands and then there are logos. There is branding and there is conceptualising. There are times where we are prepared to pay a leg and hand for products that have that right logo on and there are times when purchases are made for cost effectiveness and surpassing quality. There is a line and […]

Amelia Arsenic Destroyx from Angelspit

Amelia Tan Arsenic (aka. Amelia Arsenic or Destroyx from Angelspit)  is a twenty something musician, artist, designer, art director and stylist has an ambitious aim for her website: “I aim to inspire, provoke debate and share my knowledge through regular posts about the wonderfully decadent, eccentric and dark visually exciting world that we find ourselves in.” […]

Japanese condoms

A condom was once described as an armor against pleasure, and a cobweb against infection. The images below are the very first condoms in the world. They could have easily been animal guts for it was known that during the 1700s, men used animal guts as a contraceptive medium. Yucks! And what is yuckier is […]

la carmina

When they say looks are deceiving, it is indeed true with Carmen. This Hong Konger lady with colourful hair and funky Japanese dress sense was from Yale Law School who pursued entertainment law. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada but always dresses like she’s in Japan. She believes that fashion is a way of self […]

exercise for women

Follow our blog with Bloglovin How much time are you left with for your workouts with all the crazy schedule? I have a solution. Exercise while you are on way to the office or in it! Sounds cumbersome? Here me out first, girls! So much time is dedicated to everyone and everything else but what […]

You are Not Woman Enough

Follow our blog with Bloglovin Our legs will never be long enough. Mummy will always be too busy. We will never be pretty enough. But no one should ever tell us, “You are not woman enough.” Women. We come in all sorts of form and duties. A daughter. A female. A wife. A mother. We play […]


If you know someone who is often blue, has suicidal tendencies or going through a depression, she or he isn’t being emotional. Depression is, in fact, a disease. I read in a magazine that when you feel tired when you’re awake from your sleep but active when you are awake, you are suffering from depression. […]