[The Entrepreneur Interview Series] - Brett from Old City Amulets & Occults

We all could do with a little help at times as we hope for better things and whether you believe in them or otherwise – luck and hope is good business. Just ask Brett. Who? Brett owns and operates Old City Amulets & Occult based in Singapore. “It’s a popular hobby in Singapore and collectors age […]


Sneaker Pimps is kicking up the jam in Singapore this weekend. Fancy some sole food? This weekend your appetite is going to be filled as Sneaker Pimps, the traveling sneaker exhibition, makes a return appearance to this island nation. It’s been 14 years since the Pimps were last in town so this weekend’s show is […]


“The Baking Steel.” – John A. Dole IV, founder of John’s Pizza, on making great homemade pizza. Whether you’re ordering up a pie or a slice, you won’t leave no bones behind when it comes to good pizza. Pizzerias are a dime in a dozen but it’s not just about slapping out some skin or […]

he IoT on Cybersecurity Trends

The era of IOT. To safeguard your virtual and real world, what are the latest cybersecurity trends that you should look out for? 2016 is when anything can be connected with everything anywhere to anybody. The IOT opens up doors of both endless, exciting possibilities and at the same time creeping dangerous cyberthreats and crimes. […]

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” – we’ve all heard that one before. With New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Drink, you can now look the way you feel. Forever young! “Don’t judge a book by its cover” – we’ve all heard that one before. Though we shouldn’t judge people by or from their appearances, we […]

Augmented Reality or AR- we’ve seen it in science fiction movies (or books even) and chances are, we’ve all been awed. These days, it’s not reserved for just the celluloid. Augmented Reality has become a real trend. And it’s no surprise. Imagine being able to try on clothes without physically having to put them on. That could […]

It’s reported that in the United States alone, O2O (Online-to-Offline) business growth outperformed the (now) more traditional e-commerce by a staggering 10 times! And that is just for the first quarter of 2014. O2O shopping business model is the use of online and mobile technology to drive offline sales. Consumers get to browse, buy or reserve their […]

Yoga. The term itself resonates calm, tranquility, balance and all the Zen aspects in Life. It’s widely acknowledged that yoga’s benefits extend beyond the physical. If that’s not enough for its stature, endorsements from athletes like Hope Solo, The New Zealand All-Blacks and celebrities like Sting, Lady Gaga and more certainly adds more shine to the gleam. Which explains the boom […]

Gym Membership: Is More Really the Merrier & More Loyal?

There is no denying that ‘Health and Fitness’ is a billion dollar industry. The numbers of health clubs and related establishments are testimonials to consumers’ awareness of the importance of being healthy and looking good. This need can only be good, in particular, for the gym industry – for gym membership. According to an industry […]

Everyday customers are enticed with offers aimed at their wallets. Cleverly crafted advertisements and marketing gimmicks can do plenty for an establishment in their efforts to make customers part with their money. But are special offers enough to warrant customer loyalty? The Food and Beverage (F&B) business is not for the weak willed. How many […]

If you love coffee, nothing beats the aroma and taste of a full flavored cuppa that’s been perfectly brewed to your preference. Add in a serving of toast on the side and voila! Your day has just gotten off on the right foot. Coffee culture is big in Singapore. From heartland coffee shops to their […]

Pay-As –You-Go. The term by its virtue alone sounds accommodating and enticing even. In a fast-paced world as the one we’re in right now, businesses and individuals alike can sometimes lose track of data; such as spending or purchases for example. When presented with the monthly bill, it can be frustrating matching dates to spending […]

By definition “Loyalty” means having the quality of being loyal. This encompasses faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group or cause and more. Though some philosophers argue that it is only possible for loyalty to be to another person and that it is strictly interpersonal disagree nonetheless, the majority (including the everyday Joe) […]

Long gone are the days where mobile games are played for the sake of pure fun and anti-boredom. Business owners and the mobile technology have taken advantage of the popular phenomena of social games. Today, mobile technology has enabled businesses to be close to customers. Customers can be made aware of offers and other specifically […]


Singapore is a bustling metropolis and to most tourists, a shopping paradise. But shopping isn’t strictly restricted to tourists. In fact, it is considered a national past time among the natives as well. This is evident from the crowds that throng the nation’s shopping malls. The Curious Singaporeans These days the internet is flooded with […]


One of the things that we do is provide social media training – to both bloggers who are blogging as a profession or as a hobby. Many a times, we see many blogs out there that have not been touched and updated for ages! That saddened us, especially when some of those bloggers are our […]

Sarim Aziz BlackBerry

Sarim Aziz is the Team Lead for Research In Motion‘s Developer Relations Team. He joined RIM in 2004 and with over seven years of experience in the mobile application industry, he lives and breathes mobile technologies, and truly believes a mobile app can help solve any problem. Sarim’s background consists of a degree in Computer Science […]

Physiogel Roadshow at Vivocity: Repair the Skin & Retain the Moisture! Singapore’s hot and humid weather is the reason people flock to seek refuge in the comfort of an air-conditioned building. Shopping malls, public transportations and even most school classrooms have been fully equipped with air-conditioning so unless you’re outdoors, you would hardly feel the […]

BRAND’S InnerShine Unveils its First Anti-aging Beauty Supplement with the RubyCollagen Essence Range. This latest addition to the BRAND’S  InnerShine  portfolio of oral supplements supply skin with RubySignature™ and is formulated for the Asian skin helping to reverse skin age resulting in a more supple, vibrant skin in just  6 weeks (results may vary). RubySignature™ […]