Sara is our 4-year-old niece who’s been under our care since she discovered the joys (and to our relief!) of wearing diapers. Watching her grow, grasping and applying new knowledge and things she’s learnt is nothing short of inspiring and moving even. But seeing her take to commonplace objects such as park benches, safety railings […]

The impact of the Korean beauty industry or K-Beauty is undeniable. It has influenced people globally, leaving an indelible impression across cultures even. It seems everyone wants to be a part of the K-Beauty wave and for businesses; it’s a pie worth taking a bite of. The 6th K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014 was recently held in […]

What inspired these women to start their own businesses and what spurs them on? We speak to Ace Chia, one half of Elska – an online fashion boutique- on what inspired her to delve into the fashion business. Over the years, more women have stepped up to the plate and announce their arrival in the […]


In memories of Robert Capa (October 22, 1913 – May 25, 1954) To the man who invented himself and “for superlative photography requiring exceptional courage and enterprise abroad.” “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough,” Robert Capa All the world’s a stage, and all men and women are merely players and thus […]


When you are young you play with toys, When you are old you play with boys. But boys will always play with toys, Because boys will always be boys. 26 years ago, Bandai, Lego, Mattel and Marvel Comics triumphed the shelves of Toys R Us. The meticulous sculpture of every stretch of the muscles and […]


Photography. Emotions and intensive experiences spelt in photographs, connect and spur personal engagement between pictures and viewers. Emotional Photography Defined as an emotional connection and bonding, emotional photography somewhat has no definition or act of studies in application. Composition in itself may show portraits, landscape and even street and lifestyle. Aesthetic appreciation is the enjoyment […]


India, a country of rich culture, tradition and nature beauty is a nominated preference for photographers who desire to capture the essence of colours and magic; to the likes of renowned Hungarian photographer, Laszlo Berta. Known to be quick witted with numbers, motherboards and word logic, the people of India are also very creative. No […]

The Art of Meerkatsu - The Seymour Yang Interview (Part II)

The first part of this article ended with Seymour on his involvements in fund raisers and charity causes. Indeed, Seymour’s well known for his generosity and commitment when it comes to events as such. That’s a hallmark of a truly inspiring individual in my books. His designs are really one of a kind, collector worthy […]

The Art of Meerkatsu - The Seymour Yang Interview (Part I)

Imagine being caught in a stare down with a Hell Sloth and just when you’re about to make for the exit, a life imitating art Flying (Fighting) Peacock descends, fanning out its wings as their feathery colors make your head a little dizzy. You feel a searing and burning pecking sensation to your feet. You look […]


How much can one from a design industry earn? The creative mind develops at a very tender age – soaking up the world both visually and conceptually, scrutinising colours and texture, looking at the intertwined relationship between things, finding repetition and rhythm in what it sees. It looks at an object with positive instinctive manipulation; […]

Jaded. Lifeless. Meaningless. Creativity blocked. Your passion carries a light weight suddenly. You look around the space and you pinpoint to what might be the problem. You need your creativity to come back home. Quick. You look into the mirror and you see the core problem. You know you are not being yourself but you […]


One is never enough. There is always a minimum standard and unspoken expectation given to and set for every concept, design, article and artwork. “Two heads are better than one.” “One is the number of solitary.” Back then; artist collaboration was the trendiest. Almost all exhibiting artists have had their works collaborated with like-minded artists; […]

Amelia Arsenic Destroyx from Angelspit

Amelia Tan Arsenic (aka. Amelia Arsenic or Destroyx from Angelspit)  is a twenty something musician, artist, designer, art director and stylist has an ambitious aim for her website: “I aim to inspire, provoke debate and share my knowledge through regular posts about the wonderfully decadent, eccentric and dark visually exciting world that we find ourselves in.” […]

la carmina

When they say looks are deceiving, it is indeed true with Carmen. This Hong Konger lady with colourful hair and funky Japanese dress sense was from Yale Law School who pursued entertainment law. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada but always dresses like she’s in Japan. She believes that fashion is a way of self […]

Takamitsu Kira

Freelance photographer born in Japan, Takamitsu Kira or more lovingly known as Kira, shoots exclusively with Canon DSLRs. His photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan and the world. Kira also runs a website which publishes reviews and photographs of cafes in Tokyo. And for a […]

men in heels

Dear men in heels or women in stilettos: “It’s worth remembering that the higher the heels are, the easier it is for you, man or woman, to loom over others in an intimidating way.” Some said that Leonardo Da Vinci was the inventor of the high-heels. Some mentioned that it was invented by military necessity. […]

feng shui

With feng shui spreading its wings and influencing the West, must creative personnel understand it to figure their Asian clients out? The difference between feng shui, taboo, superstitions and significance is that there is no difference at all. No idealistic idiosyncrasies with no further explanation. Life is such too, isn’t it? The situations down the […]

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo’s “The Art of Shoemaking” exhibition showcasing a rare first-hand look at how a Ferragamo shoe is made. To be privy to a Ferragamo shoemaking demonstration is akin to having an intimate glimpse into the history of the brand. Each stitch is an ode to the past incarnations of its shoe and with each nail […]

Lady Gaga Polaroid Creative Director

Polaroid Corporation boasts a track record for world-changing innovations and now, Polaroid sunglasses and Lady Gaga designing the Grey Label Camera Glasses. Polaroid Corporation boasts an impressive track record for world-changing innovations and today, Polaroid sunglasses are one of the top 4 global sunglasses brands, selling over 4 million pairs of polarized sunglasses in over […]

Local Fashion Photographer

The craft of our local fashion photographers tied my heart into knots from waxing visual lyrical. Here I am today, paying tribute to our artisans. There was a time when photography was a union of precision, skills and art; when photographs were produced and imprinted on photo papers from rolled films in the dreaded dark room. There […]

BLUEPRINT Tradeshow and Emporium 2013

The opportunities BLUEPRINT Tradeshow and Emporium 2013 – Asia’s Fashion Gateway present is evident in its success stories. Marilyn Tan, designer of her eponymous label, has seen her designs stocked in London and is currently in talks with stores in China and France. Amidst the fashion on display, there were lifestyle attractions such as a pop-up store […]

BLUEPRINT Tradeshow and Emporium returned for the 4th edition in Singapore. Organized by the Blueprint Group Pte Ltd – joint venture between the Textile and Fashion Federation (TaFf), MP Singapore Pte Ltd and Mercury Marketing and Communications, the event was held at The Pit Building Marina Bay as part of Fashion By The Bay from […]

The inspiration at Asia Fashion Summit 2013 Day Two continued with a host of speakers that included Ravi Thakran, Group President for South Asia, Southeast Asia and Middle East LVMH. He spoke on the challenges and opportunities in today’s retailing business and drawing on his personal experiences, shared in his knowledge on developing a luxury market […]

The Asia Fashion Summit (AFS) 2013 day one has an array of guest speakers and fashion leaders from around the globe examined and discussed issues pertaining to the fashion business. The evolution of the cloth from a necessity to protect ourselves (and modesty) from the elements to what it represents today reflects the vast influence […]

So how do you peel him off the couch and away from the remote control into going shopping with you? Men don’t hate shopping. Most may not necessary like it but they don’t hate it. They shop primarily out of necessity; for a new set of work clothes as an example and when they do, […]