Mention fashion in Asia and usually the first thoughts that come to mind are the streets of Tokyo. Japan has been the dominant and prevalent fashion force in Asia for a long time. Designers would woo the world with their creations on catwalks and fashionistas would strut their latest buys on the streets of Harajuku, […]

face shopper

Korean author, Jeong Suhyeon, talks about her latest book, Face Shopper on How Women now Shop for a New Face. I adhere to the motto that things always happen for a good reason. In this case, there was a reason why we pushed our Korea trip from May to June and scheduled a visit to […]

Elska Heels

Elska Heels: I was Born in Bad Ass Heels & I’ve Worn them Ever Since… In the history of footwear, none has gestured towards leisure, sexuality and sophistication as the high-heel.  The aura surrounding a pair of well designed high-heel shoes is almost erotic as its dangerously agent provocateur-like attraction. During the reign of King Louis […]

45 Years & Beyond of PUMA Suede Evolution at Limited Edt Vault’s, “Le Way”

PUMA released its first suede shoes in 1968 and till today, remains as one of the brand’s top selling line. PUMA Singapore and Limited Edt Vault held a special week-long PUMA SOCIAL/SUEDE EXHIBITION 2013 with an insight into the PUMA Suede evolution from its birth 45 years ago till now. Hosted at Limited Edt Vault’s […]

Saloni Shresta

Hailing from the exotic and some would say magical Himalayas, Saloni Shresta descended upon our shores in 2005.   Magic transcend barriers, it gives hope to some in dire times and inspire during others. It comes in many forms; art, music and literature to name a few. The word magic itself conjures a myriad of […]