The Art of Meerkatsu - The Seymour Yang Interview (Part I)

Imagine being caught in a stare down with a Hell Sloth and just when you’re about to make for the exit, a life imitating art Flying (Fighting) Peacock descends, fanning out its wings as their feathery colors make your head a little dizzy. You feel a searing and burning pecking sensation to your feet. You look […]


The lifestyle of modern women today can be described with one word – hectic. Not only do we have busy working schedules, we also work longer hours with more late nights. As a result, we tend to neglect our health. Back-up plan when these health problems creep up upon us Regardless of the roles a […]

rich man

I am one of the most skeptical women out there. I believe in gender equality but I would like my man to pay for most of my shoes sometimes. I love mushy poetry but I only write sad, dark ones. What kind of a warp twisted world am I living in? What kind of sick […]

Jaded. Lifeless. Meaningless. Creativity blocked. Your passion carries a light weight suddenly. You look around the space and you pinpoint to what might be the problem. You need your creativity to come back home. Quick. You look into the mirror and you see the core problem. You know you are not being yourself but you […]

Japanese condoms

A condom was once described as an armor against pleasure, and a cobweb against infection. The images below are the very first condoms in the world. They could have easily been animal guts for it was known that during the 1700s, men used animal guts as a contraceptive medium. Yucks! And what is yuckier is […]

You are Not Woman Enough

Follow our blog with Bloglovin Our legs will never be long enough. Mummy will always be too busy. We will never be pretty enough. But no one should ever tell us, “You are not woman enough.” Women. We come in all sorts of form and duties. A daughter. A female. A wife. A mother. We play […]


Most supplements contain products that can be found in Nature. Mother Nature can provide answers and solutions to our weight loss needs and goals. Chances are most of us, at one point of time, have dealt with issues concerning our weight. Be it for health or vanity, the battle to lose weight in particular can […]


Aesthetic clinics, once the refuge of mostly women, have seen an increase in male patronage over the years. Indeed, looking good opens doors both on a professional and social level. The media via its tentacles of publicly available mediums is arguably the main sphere of influence when it comes to men and their acceptance of […]

Aesthetics Tourism

These days, it is not surprising to find a passenger seated next to you on a flight a statistic in aesthetics tourism. As to date, over 50 countries have identified Medical and Aesthetics tourism as a national industry. It is not surprising then these days if you’re on flight bound for countries like Thailand, Korea […]


Save today. Women have limitations without her financial independence. With not a dollar or dime in our bank accounts, married women tend to keep silent when their husbands have an affair or have treacherous habits such as gambling or drinking. Married Women with no Money If you were to ask women, or rather victims, of […]

“If it happens to you, would you actually know it?” We were just shooting the breeze after kicking back a few pints at our local when a buddy asked. Recalling that moment, I’m not too sure whether it was a question or a passing statement for he did seem kind of nonchalant. Nonetheless it did […]

She arrives 15 minutes late on the first date but you’re all smiles even though you’re a stickler for punctuality. Small talk starts with her apologising for being tardy and that’s when you notice something stuck between her teeth… I’m sure that some guys could relate to the above -not me perhaps for the exception […]

According to Wikipedia, material is anything made of matter constituted of one or more substances so is it material for a girlfriend to be of a certain quality to make her a wife of substance, are they two different people or does it matter all the same? My girlfriend is quite the chef in the […]

When it comes to men’s insecurities, an open discussion with a loved one or a support unit like family and close friends may help to ease the worries of the heart but alas, the inbuilt defense mechanism known as the male ego tends to get in the way cutting off all potential helpline. Silent screaming […]

“Get on top of him use your weight to pin him down, whisper naughtiness into his ears, pull away and look into his eyes. Tell him what you will do to him and what you want him to do to you. Cover his mouth with one hand and use other hand to touch his body; […]

The five senses as we know them play an important role in our daily lives. If one sense is deprived of function or use, chances are the remaining ones will enhance and make up for the loss. Perhaps when it comes to bedroom activities, the reasons why men (sometimes and a times) refuse to go […]

Being Thailand’s largest island with a renowned vibrant nightlife, means   Phuket plays host to a stream of endless visitors practically all-year round and at all hours even. Tuk Tuks interweave between fellow-machines and pedestrian traffic, as their rumblings jostle the airspace competing with the voices of local business operators and touts alike, each promising eternal […]

The mysterious yet alluring sea as a holiday destination is an inviting proposition. As with other vacations, it is advisable to plan your Yacht Holiday noting necessary precautions to ensure a well-deserved holiday and (for topical purpose) a smooth sailing experience. Here are a few tips and more importantly, safety precautions, to consider: Water Water Everywhere […]

Eggs & Berries

…cuisine? You say eggs and potatoes, I say all-day breakfast at Eggs & Berries. When they say Eggs & Berries, they meant “we have eggs in almost every meal and we make them good.” They are committed to making delicious eggs in various unique ways such as the Egg Whites and Veggies, and Eggs Benedict. […]

The boxing Crab restaurant

We, Singaporeans, love our seafood to bits. But guys, you have not been to one of the best yet if you have not been to Boxing Crab Restaurant. “No más!” Roberto Duran’s infamous line as he waved to the referee to stop his fight against Sugar Ray Leonard. A feast of gastronomical proportion can leave […]

Medz Restaurant

Fancy a Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish and Greek cuisine? Well, if you like exotic people, you must learn how to like their food. A key to a man’s heart is his stomach but fill yours first with Mediterranean fare at MEDZS restaurant in Millenia Walk. Bianca’s exotic Epicurean expedition with Holly Jean began at this 250-seater […]

“ Let me take you down… “ – The Beatles. A walk down memory lane can be a feel good moment. Which in local slang translates to shiok or steam. A chicken wing business owner, an owner of a catering business and another in the bunker business teamed up to open up a bistro that will […]

Tattoos do belong in the kitchen. Head into any gourmet kitchen and chances are, the palatable creations are as meticulously done as the ink belonging to the head culinarian’s sleeve. Last January, in conjunction with Gastrogig Venture, three acclaimed chefs Jimi Tegerdine, Raj Abat and James Tombleson rocked the kitchen and rolled out gastronomical delights […]