Amelia Arsenic Destroyx from Angelspit

Amelia Tan Arsenic (aka. Amelia Arsenic or Destroyx from Angelspit)  is a twenty something musician, artist, designer, art director and stylist has an ambitious aim for her website: “I aim to inspire, provoke debate and share my knowledge through regular posts about the wonderfully decadent, eccentric and dark visually exciting world that we find ourselves in.” […]

Analog Girl

I was first introduced to Analog Girl through iSh Magazine many years ago. Mei has taught me the beautiful connection of souls between music and fashion. Analog Girl in Paris. Photo credit by Julius Landau. How many underground artistes can ever boast that in their career of only 6 years they have performed in prime […]


“It’s the amazing team that I work with and the flexibility for creativity that keeps me going. No idea is left unheard”, said Amanda Ng, Marketing Manager. There is definitely no dull moment at Attica or Attica Too. Amanda with a friend during Carnival Attica on May 2009 For those of you who love to […]


A day in the life of a meadow can be boring. Well, not if you’re The Meadow in Gardens by the Bay hosting Aerosmith, Psy, Carly Ray & CeeLo Green concerts. If you were a meadow you’d expect animals to lazily lumber from one patch to another, grazing on the vast amount of grass that […]


Let the music play on and never mind the blues. It’s only Rock & Roll. Music is food for the soul, some would say.  Personally, music has pulled me through the toughest times in my life. Listening or even humming to my favorite tunes in my head has made dealing with disappointments and heartbreaks a […]


Kees’ Copywriting Slogan for BEERFEST ASIA 2014 Made it to Top 3. BEERFEST ASIA 2014 TEE CONTEST – VOTING BEGINS! “It was a tough fight but we have shortlisted 3 out of many entries that came in. Thank you all for your beery punny slogans. Vote for your favourite slogan! (Not the model) and the […]

Jessica Alba to Host Social Star Awards on May 23 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

International star and entrepreneur Jessica Alba will host the first-ever Social Star Awards, which will be live-streamed on YouTube from Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on May 23, 2013. Alba, who previously hosted the MTV Movie Awards, along with a co-host to be announced shortly will preside over the ceremony, during which 12 awards will […]