Speaking In Tongues

So why should you learn a new language? Well, it’s a more productive way of spending time than taking selfies in front of the bathroom mirror for sure. When it comes to learning a language, you can opt for the conventional classroom method or the traditional approach of “listen and learn” (like how we first […]


Being a mother is a 24/7 responsibility… and having a straight head on equally strong shoulders coupled with superhuman physical stamina has to be a pre-requisite. Here are a few tips to help you stay fit, focused and along the way looking beautiful, like how all Mothers deserve to. Breakfast of champions All that running around […]


Born 27 November, she may own a smile that can melt hearts but Lynn Poh (傅芳仪) is a strong, independent modern woman who stands true to her Sagittarius traits kind, positive and generous as well. That Little Girl Who Grew Wings Born the youngest, Lynn’s parents separated when she was still little. Her strong-minded characteristic […]

Another project done for PONY International – WE ARE #THENEXTUS. This time, it involved the co-ordination of shoot, talent & crew in New York on top of copy, concept & everything else that we usually do.  

“You should change your moniker to ​The Social Media​,” I said, which got his attention. He looked up from his phone and we both laughed. Being in fight sport, moments like these are always welcomed. Laughter, after all, goes a long way in soothing frayed nerves, easing tensions and erasing disappointments. For Syafiq Abdul Samad, […]

Client : Lava Yoga Singapore Description: Feature Article writing for our client Lava Yoga Singapore published in AESTHETICS & BEAUTY magazine.

The day started out just like any other. Some were busy building castles in the sandbox while others were jostling for their turn at the swing and slides – summer was indeed in the air. But for four little girls it wasn’t just another day; it was more of a routine and they were getting restless. […]

The Tale of a Little Girl & her Castle Hand Dreams

Etude House’s Fairytale for its hand cream collection, My Castle Hand Cream. Because good things happen to good people. The sun was at its hottest in Etude Kingdom. A little girl was toiling in the field picking flowers to be sent to the factory. But she was getting tired and disheartened. She’s tired of the […]

Sara is our 4-year-old niece who’s been under our care since she discovered the joys (and to our relief!) of wearing diapers. Watching her grow, grasping and applying new knowledge and things she’s learnt is nothing short of inspiring and moving even. But seeing her take to commonplace objects such as park benches, safety railings […]

In the sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), it takes more than just skill and technical know-how to emerge victorious. Above all, it takes resilience and grit determination. The explosion of MMA over the years has presented opportunities for clothing brands, in particular, to reach out to more people aka consumers. In stand-up fighting, a […]

One might assume it was a ghost town. The sky was deathly grey. The heavy smog was stifling the air and the river had turned into a bed of disgusting sticky tar. A mysterious disease has plagued Etude Kingdom. This dreadful outbreak sweeps and unleashes its fury upon the people of the land after nightfall. […]

Gym Membership: Is More Really the Merrier & More Loyal?

There is no denying that ‘Health and Fitness’ is a billion dollar industry. The numbers of health clubs and related establishments are testimonials to consumers’ awareness of the importance of being healthy and looking good. This need can only be good, in particular, for the gym industry – for gym membership. According to an industry […]

Everyday customers are enticed with offers aimed at their wallets. Cleverly crafted advertisements and marketing gimmicks can do plenty for an establishment in their efforts to make customers part with their money. But are special offers enough to warrant customer loyalty? The Food and Beverage (F&B) business is not for the weak willed. How many […]

Coffee drinking and cafe culture in general is prevalent across the globe. These days you don’t have to be hard pressed to find a coffee shop or a café when the need for a cuppa hits you; wherever you are as well. The abundance (and continual rise) of such establishments bring about fierce competitions, all […]

According to history, coffee drinking first made its appearance in the middle of the 15th century in the Sufi shrines of Mocha, Yemen. Back then, coffee was usually consumed during religious ceremonies and it was here that coffee seeds were first brewed and roasted. As the beans travelled to the far reaches of the world, […]

If you love coffee, nothing beats the aroma and taste of a full flavored cuppa that’s been perfectly brewed to your preference. Add in a serving of toast on the side and voila! Your day has just gotten off on the right foot. Coffee culture is big in Singapore. From heartland coffee shops to their […]

When someone mentions coffee shop, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind is a hot cuppa; brewed and blended to your satisfaction. But if you think coffee shops are just about coffee, think again. You’ll be surprise at what have been brewed and served over a cuppa joe throughout the history of […]

By definition “Loyalty” means having the quality of being loyal. This encompasses faithfulness or a devotion to a person, country, group or cause and more. Though some philosophers argue that it is only possible for loyalty to be to another person and that it is strictly interpersonal disagree nonetheless, the majority (including the everyday Joe) […]

Long gone are the days where mobile games are played for the sake of pure fun and anti-boredom. Business owners and the mobile technology have taken advantage of the popular phenomena of social games. Today, mobile technology has enabled businesses to be close to customers. Customers can be made aware of offers and other specifically […]


Photography. Emotions and intensive experiences spelt in photographs, connect and spur personal engagement between pictures and viewers. Emotional Photography Defined as an emotional connection and bonding, emotional photography somewhat has no definition or act of studies in application. Composition in itself may show portraits, landscape and even street and lifestyle. Aesthetic appreciation is the enjoyment […]


India, a country of rich culture, tradition and nature beauty is a nominated preference for photographers who desire to capture the essence of colours and magic; to the likes of renowned Hungarian photographer, Laszlo Berta. Known to be quick witted with numbers, motherboards and word logic, the people of India are also very creative. No […]


Singapore is a bustling metropolis and to most tourists, a shopping paradise. But shopping isn’t strictly restricted to tourists. In fact, it is considered a national past time among the natives as well. This is evident from the crowds that throng the nation’s shopping malls. The Curious Singaporeans These days the internet is flooded with […]

Jaded. Lifeless. Meaningless. Creativity blocked. Your passion carries a light weight suddenly. You look around the space and you pinpoint to what might be the problem. You need your creativity to come back home. Quick. You look into the mirror and you see the core problem. You know you are not being yourself but you […]


Besides a good push up bra like Victoria Secret’s lingerie that squeezes and make your bosoms kiss each other the whole entire day, what other methods are there for an instant cleavage? Through the ages, the heave of a full-bosom has captured the imagination of both men and women. Drawing admiration (granted some may have […]