eat less

So you like food. Did you know… you can trick your mind to fool yourself to eat less. 1. Make sure your plate or bowl is a different colour than your food The 2012 Journal of Consumer Research study found that the colour of dishware matters. The bigger the difference between the food and the plate colour, the less likely […]


One of the things that we do is provide social media training – to both bloggers who are blogging as a profession or as a hobby. Many a times, we see many blogs out there that have not been touched and updated for ages! That saddened us, especially when some of those bloggers are our […]


We’ve all been amazed by some of our favourite celebrities and their apparently flawless skin. But then again, that’s on celluloid (or film). These movers and shakers of the entertainment scene are not spared the effects of cellulite. A search and click on the World Wide Web is enough to show that no matter how […]


The beauty face of a magazine. The new face of Absolut. The who in shoes. Brands do not speak entirely for and of themselves anymore. Using celebrities from major walks of life to promote their product is common and to some brands, necessary; especially for cosmetic and luxurious retail brands. Is the celebrity selling the […]


My motto in life is “Things always happen for a GOOD reason.” But not many people around me have the same mantra and in fact, because of this, I have earned the nickname “Mumbo Jumbo” by my friends. Yasminne Cheng thinks the same way. This Class 95 DJ is both a beauty and brawn. She […]


Is cosmetic tattoo the answer to waking up looking beautiful? Eyebrow tattooing is no longer just for older folks with sparse eyebrows but it is also becoming popular with the younger ladies too. What’s more, cosmetic tattooing now does not stop at the eyebrows. Eyeliner and lips tattoo are the rage now. And if you are one […]


For years, we see the same thing everywhere. Things which are so graphically familiar and recognisable, they almost have one universal voice. Things we coined as, “Symbol.” Iconographers, graphic designers, etc, whatever you want to call them, their masterpieces lived on this world longer than their very existence of lifetime. This week, we take some […]


“Kim Kardashian sat down across from me and her butt takes up a seat and a half. In a very good way.”  There is no end to the butt being the butt of jokes or wise-cracks (see what happened there?) comments it seems. But what is apparent is that a woman’s curves starts and ends (…and […]

Takamitsu Kira

Freelance photographer born in Japan, Takamitsu Kira or more lovingly known as Kira, shoots exclusively with Canon DSLRs. His photography assignments include fashion, bands, sporting events, and portraiture for various companies and bands throughout Japan and the world. Kira also runs a website which publishes reviews and photographs of cafes in Tokyo. And for a […]

men in heels

Dear men in heels or women in stilettos: “It’s worth remembering that the higher the heels are, the easier it is for you, man or woman, to loom over others in an intimidating way.” Some said that Leonardo Da Vinci was the inventor of the high-heels. Some mentioned that it was invented by military necessity. […]

etude house The Forgotten Princess

In the far yonder on the outskirts of the beautiful Etude Kingdom, there lived a little girl and her sick nana in a forgotten province. Being the breadwinner of her household, the little girl’s earnings are based on the amount of flowers and medicinal plants she painstakingly picks for the famous Etude Kingdom beauty line. […]

feng shui

With feng shui spreading its wings and influencing the West, must creative personnel understand it to figure their Asian clients out? The difference between feng shui, taboo, superstitions and significance is that there is no difference at all. No idealistic idiosyncrasies with no further explanation. Life is such too, isn’t it? The situations down the […]

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo’s “The Art of Shoemaking” exhibition showcasing a rare first-hand look at how a Ferragamo shoe is made. To be privy to a Ferragamo shoemaking demonstration is akin to having an intimate glimpse into the history of the brand. Each stitch is an ode to the past incarnations of its shoe and with each nail […]


Aesthetic clinics, once the refuge of mostly women, have seen an increase in male patronage over the years. Indeed, looking good opens doors both on a professional and social level. The media via its tentacles of publicly available mediums is arguably the main sphere of influence when it comes to men and their acceptance of […]

Aesthetics Tourism

These days, it is not surprising to find a passenger seated next to you on a flight a statistic in aesthetics tourism. As to date, over 50 countries have identified Medical and Aesthetics tourism as a national industry. It is not surprising then these days if you’re on flight bound for countries like Thailand, Korea […]


A slew of self-taken photos have literally taken over the world wide web! Selfie or selca, as they are known, have sprung up on our news feed in Facebook and Instagram like mushrooms after the rain. The rise in the popularity of selfies is nothing short of phenomenal but with every do-it-yourself fad, there is […]

fat burners

Fat burners are essentially supplements that increase energy, stimulate metabolism and/or suppress appetite. But  they are not a magic or miracle bullet! Fat burners are essentially supplements that increase energy, stimulate metabolism and/or suppress appetite. We’ve all seen commercials in magazines, on the web and more where people from different walks of life including celebrities […]

9 Things I Learnt From My Liposuction Experience

So what have I learnt from my liposuction experience? Well here’s a list I thought I’d share with you based on my personal experience. Who knows, they might just help with your decision as well. It’s been exactly a month since I decided to take the plunge and walk the talk at Amaris B Clinic. The […]

It’s been a number of years since that afternoon, the day I was introduced to Submission Grappling but each time I’m back at the gym, I’m still learning. “We stood toe to toe, feeling each other out…” Then in one swift blinding move, I was on the mat on all fours and before I could […]

Aesthetic Dentistry and our phobia of dentists and the Irrational fear of dentists amongst Singaporeans. A smile is often the first thing people notice and the last thing they remember. Smiling makes a person more attractive and approachable. A theory called the ‘facial feedback’ hypothesis claims that facial movement can influence emotional experience. What it means […]

Look More Toned in Photos because “Rebellions of the belly are the worst”!  Everyone is gathering around as the group photo taking session is about to take place. You know everyone’s looking as you sashay confidently across the room looking like a million dollars. Usually, you’d revel in the attention but somehow this particular evening’s dinner […]

NEC Innovative Solutions Fair 2014 : Copywriting

NEC’s project on their solutions fair in 2014. Handled all copywriting materials for the event.

The Pier: Copywriting

Real Estate Copywriting project on The Pier done many years ago. Property projects are always so challenging, but rewarding. “Where thou art, that is home.” – Emily Dickinson

Mercedes Benz: Copywriting

Mercedes-Benz understands that your time is precious. That’s why as an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealership we offer Express Service – routine maintenance performed on your vehicle in two hours or less, on a day and at a time that is most convenient for you.   “The cars we drive say a lot about us.” – Alexandra […]

Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies’ history is rooted in innovation – from inventing the first truly casual shoes to developing dozens of patented technologies that make their shoes more comfortable, lightweight and worry-free. “A man cannot make a pair of shoes rightly unless he do it in a devout manner.” Thomas Carlyle