Upon awakening, the little girl found herself lying on the front porch of her house. She got up hastily looking for her mother but she was nowhere to be found. Her heart sank.

“It must have been a dream,” she thought to herself. Just then, a voice spoke to her.

“Hello, my baby. It’s me again”. It was her mother’s voice but everywhere she looked, the girl couldn’t find her.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m here with you in the wind”, she said.

The girl felt a gentle and comforting enveloping breeze like that of a mother holding her child.

“We are of different world now, my baby. You belong to the one that your father resides,” her mother said.

Tears began to well up in the little girl’s eyes. As they roll down her cheeks disappearing into the sand, she said, “But I miss you, Mama. Papa misses you too. Come and stay here with us. Please don’t leave us again.” “I’m not leaving you, my beautiful child. Each time the both of you feels sad I promise, I will be there waiting to wipe away your tears. A beautiful girl shouldn’t cry,” her mother said.

“Beautiful?” thought the girl. Puzzled, she ran into the house looking for a mirror and upon seeing her reflection, she was amazed! Her tattered clothes were gone and replaced by clothes made of the most beautiful thread. Her disheveled appearance was gone as well! Her face and skin exuded a radiance that rivaled the most brightly lit stars and they were gentle to the touch. “How is this possible?” she asked.

“That’s not all, my beautiful girl,” her mother said.

“Next to you are 3 magic macaroons. They contain the Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushions. These magical items will help you look beautiful throughout the day and night. And in turn, it will make you feel good about yourself,” she explained.

Her mother explained that the Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushions work by toning and brightening the skin. The cushion is able to highlight areas on the face for a more radiant and beautiful appearance!

Indeed, lying on the table were 3 macaroons labeled Magic Pink, Magic Mint and Magic Peach. The little girl was stumped in silent amazement.

“Next to them is a pot containing magical flowers”, her mother continued. “Use the plants as baking ingredients and your will have the best macaroons in the entire kingdom.”

The girl took the flowers and smiled. “But what if we’ve used them all? Where can we get some more, Mama?” the girl asked.

“You’ll never have to, my dear child. They’ll never stop growing as long as you take good care of them.” With that, her mother’s voice whiffed away in the breeze.

Just then, the baker returned from the village market and upon seeing his daughter, was very relieved and happy. She sat him down and began telling him of her adventure.

Soon, word of her newfound beauty spread across the village and throughout the land. She was hailed as a beautiful princess of her village.

Their bakery business turned out for the better too! Now they have an abundance of customers from far and wide even, who loved their macaroons. With the healthy profits, they could afford luxuries that had previously evaded them and they could bake even tastier macaroons.

One orange sunset, as she was sitting with her father on the porch of their newly spruced up house, her father turned to her. “You’re so beautiful, just like your mother. I miss her,” said her despondent father. She gave him a hug. As she turned to the woods, she saw her mother waving to her from amongst the trees. She wiped away her tears of happiness and whispered, “사랑해 (Saranghae)…”

Written for Etude House

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