One might assume it was a ghost town.

The sky was deathly grey. The heavy smog was stifling the air and the river had turned into a bed of disgusting sticky tar.

A mysterious disease has plagued Etude Kingdom.

This dreadful outbreak sweeps and unleashes its fury upon the people of the land after nightfall. The people were suffering from redness of the skin. They scratch their itching faces till the skin tears and bleed.

It’s the witching hour and the sun has long gone to sleep. The Princess was sitting around a bonfire, keeping warm and trying desperately to not to scratch her itchy face. “Sigh. If only the wise old owl was around, he could tell us what to do,” she lamented. “If only he didn’t have to go away. Why oh why is this happening to us?” the Princess asked despondently to nothing while rubbing the itch against her sleeve. The night was dead except for the crackling sound of burning wood.

“It’s the Demodex,” a voice said breaking the silence.

Out of the shadows, a big blue bird appeared. “The Demodex are the ones responsible for this. They have been waiting for the right moment to torture the human race and take over our land!”

The blue bird walked closer to the bonfire. But it turned out to be a pretty girl in a blue cape.

“I’ve heard of these dreadful creatures but I thought they were just fables to get children to wash their faces before bed. But… who are you?” asked the Princess who is now quivering in fear.

“I am the formidable Wonder Pore Girl. I am here to destroy the Demodex and rescue Etude Kingdom. They are no myth, my princess. They are as real as you and I,’ she said. Just then a ghostly end eerie screech was heard.

The Demodex were descending on the land.

Not wanting to waste anymore of what little time they had, Wonder Pore Girl told the princess to collect as many empty flasks and jugs they could find.

It didn’t take long for the princess and her friends to return. The Wonder Girl conjured a big bottle out of nowhere and pour the magic concoction ever so gently and carefully into each and every empty container. “It is done,” she said. “This potion is to be shared amongst all inhabitants of this land. It is to be applied on their faces in the morning and evenings.”

So it was said. And so the very next day, it was done.

The inhabitants of Etude Kingdom began earnestly applying the magic potion to their peeling red faces. That first night, they all sat in their houses waiting anxiously for the Demodex. With an angry swoop and conceited laughter, the Demodex descended. But something was different!

The evil laughters soon turned into cries of pain. Wonder girl swooshed and flew swiftly above them and pour the magic tonic on them. The potion was repelling the Demodex it seems! Now even angrier, more swarms of Demodex descended but each time they did, the Wonder Pore Girl fought back with heavier splashes of the magic concoction.

At the end of the long night, the swarms of Demodex were all obliterated.

“It worked!” exclaimed the Princess.


The potion’s magical properties that include sebum control, itch relieving and more did its job.

Not only did it prevent the Demodex from attacking, it killed the germs on their faces! Soon each and every inhabitant of Etude Kingdom were experiencing radiant and flawless skin. Their faces, which used to be itchy, oily and grimy due to the Demodex were now clean, fresh and rejuvenated.

Soon things were back to what they were. Etude Kingdom was again the beautiful, magical and prosperous land its known for.

“But what shall we name this potion?” thought the Princess to herself. 

She pondered for a while and said, “Let’s name it after you! Let’s name the magic potion, the Wonder Pore!” All the residents and the Princess agreed. They held a feast to celebrate the Wonder Pore Girl’s victory.

Just then the wise old owl came back! Perching on a tree, stretching his wings after what must have been very long journey he was bemused by the festive atmosphere.

He asked, “So what did I miss? Looks like we have a beautiful guest today!”

The Wonder Girl and the Princess looked at each other and laughed!

Written for ETUDE House

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