How do you survive the war of raging hormones in the office and how do you get out of the battle alive and unscarred?

In no part on the surface of the Earth whatsoever, is there such a thing as a one-man’s land and thus, it should not be, too, a show possible that belongs to the sole responsible of only one man.

Humans. Of different personalities and habits, of different culture and sentiments, and while no two human are alike, the gambol of tolerance, acceptance and adaptation are few of the qualities that it possible for us to have friends, lovers and family.

Artists, Designers and Marketers – eccentric and eclectic apes, are the hardest people to get along (besides the demagogue politicians who become your friends to up their votes). How do you survive the war of raging hormones in the office and how do you get out of the battle alive and unscarred?


It varies. That is why I am called Me and you You; different personalities, platter of characters, wild expectations, the aesthetic inclination, background differentiation and weirdest fantasy. No two persons are the same and no one person is easy to comprehend.

Watch and observe your teammates. Avoid being judgemental and show your contemplation of admiration and disgust openly; it makes loving and hating them easier and more flexible this way.


That one twirls his pen in the air when he is wrecking his brain for ideas. The other is always indulging in his heavy death metal on his headphones, which often leaked to your ears. Your neighbour often tears when she is avalanched with deadlines, which is pretty much demoralising considering you are bogged down with tonnes of work yourself.

Do not allow all these irritating habits get to you. You either speak up politely or join in the crowd. The best actually, is to join in. Profile your nasty habits as well. Once they notice your monkey-see-monkey-do ways, they will stop. They will be peaved but they will stop. When confronted, act all docile and innocent. Bat your eyelids too.


The Challengers – the thorn amongst the roses. These synagogues or dictators can often be spotted communicating in a high pitch tone voice and those who flare their uncivilised spoilt mannerism and attitude.

However, these are also the people who are loved by the superiors for they are the eclectic creative who have great potential and sprawls new ideas that allows more business revenue.

Their Prima Donna pose and mannerism, be it freelance or contract workers, you got to learn to be nonchalant towards their “eclecticism”. They will definitely meet their challenge one day, but for now, save yourself from doing the dirty job. Bosses love patient and smiley workers anyway. Fake that smile now, baby!


Everyone’s favourite topic but everyone’s shortcoming. What is so hard to shut up and listen, or to just maintain a straight face when a stupid remark is being made?

Accept individualism: always remember that everyone has their own difficulty and it always happen, doesn’t it, that things you think about in your head does not actually sound correct or same when voiced out?

Observe the visual cues: body reading, facial expression. Allow time for change and adaptation for espousing communication behavior in the most effective way. Communication via electronic, tele, and face to face differ in art. Adjust accordingly and do not be too fast to react and jump on situations. You might be making a fool out of yourself more rather than stabbing the guts of your recipient.


Perception, interpretation, subjectivity and especially when you are hypersensitive, everything and everyone will seem rude to you.

Chill and be cool. Don’t burn yourself by being uptight and hot-blooded.


Control your anger, for any part of your life, work or otherwise there will always be someone you categorise as Bimbo, Morons and Idiotic. Especially easy to be involved in cat and dog fights when you are faced with personal problem, which subtly and intermittently affect your moods.

Nobody enjoys the company of rude and temperamental colleague. Be on your best behavior at all times and smile. You will get out of the office alive.


“A common cause of selective listening is personal bias against the speaker,” said Helen Wilkie, a professional speaker, consultant and author who specialises in workplace communication.

Listen. Speak only when your recipient is done talking.

Listen: selective listening, a common cause of selective listening.

Not the same as hearing.

Two speakers do not herald a listener and no message will be transmitted in noise pollution environment. The art of listening involves the art of asking. Ask and people will think you are really interested in whatever they have to say; even if the fact is otherwise (and nobody have to know this fact).

Handle Yourself

Perception, my way or the highway? Pressure management and favouritism are common in offices. I am sorry that most of us are not borne with good looks and charm.

Forget yesterday, march towards tomorrow. “Take an inventory of your skills set and identify what else you need to learn to take you to the next level of performance,” advised Dr Billy Kueek, a motivational speaker and trainer in leadership and soft skills.

Do not bear grudges. You will only feel miserable.


Make it a win-win situation. Even if your team players do not buy your ideas, the flipside is… the ideas of others never mar your intelligent thoughts, it only expand views, widen awareness and create boundaries extension.

Dr Beverly Smallwood, a psychologist who works with organisations that want to attract, energise and kept the best people strongly advises that instead of expecting consensus from your team all the time, embrace the diversity that exists and consider how the team can profit from it.

Flexibility is not Trap. It is the way of survival. There are too many ways to look at survival in the office, Be Plastic, Be Politically Sophisticated, or Be Dead.

Either ways, get out from the office alive. It is after all, almost your second home and the people you deal with every day is somewhat your second family.You chose to be in this eccentric field, so play your game well and keep the ball in your court.

All images are Paper Dolls by Jordan Grace. Love them? Get them.

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