In line with this current trend, Chanel has managed to coax her boyfriend Kelvin, to appear a “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” video!

The latest video trend that seems to be sweeping the internet on sites like YouTube and more is of online female celebrities or bloggers getting their makeup done by their significant other halves.

My Boyfriend Does My Makeup

The strength of most (if not all) relationships are tried and tested during difficult times. It can be tough to go through a situational, consequential or personal dilemma and to find the strength to pick yourself up but it can be harder and more challenging if one is in a relationship especially when these demoralizing issues involves both persons. One has to either put aside their own grief for the other to heal, at times.

This takes immense strength but when achieved, it brings forth an attribute that can only serve to further strengthen the relationship. Courage is something that can give strength and determination to face any challenges head on. Courage is the foundation upon which relationships stand and grow.

Being a Muay Thai enthusiast and practitioner, Kelvin exudes an admirable sense of humility, stamina and almost Zen-like patience. Don’t be fooled into assuming the Muay Thai hard knocks may perhaps have had adverse impact for Kelvin is a successful entrepreneur in his own right and that success can only stem from a distinguishably high level of intelligence. Having been together for 9 years, which stands as testimonial to their strength as a couple, Kelvin and Chanel seem to form the perfect pairing giving a genuine positive take on the otherwise “perfect couple” cliché.

You’ve watched countless videos of Chanel putting beauty products to the test. Suffice to say, we hope that the videos have helped you find answers and even managed to persuade you to try some of the products featured. Kudos to Kelvin for the courage in participating in our “My Boyfriend Does My Makeup” video and though the art of Muay-Thai can equip or enforce one to have an eye for detail, how would he fare in this out-of-the ring challenge?

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