This month being July marks one year since my second and final heart procedure.

The whole heart episode happened like a thunderbolt out of nowhere and results from the multitude of tests that I went through even baffled doctors. My results indicated that I was perfectly healthy…

Except for the heart, for some reason. So with four significantly blocked arteries, two angioplasty procedures were scheduled and done.

Post procedure winding routes.

Recovery wasn’t easy (still isn’t) for me and especially the people around me. The medications turned me into this negative monster on all psychological and emotional levels. It didn’t help that for whatever reasons (and I say this because even the doctors couldn’t figure this shit out) the medications caused me physical discomfort.

One my good days, I felt positive that I was going to make it through. I tried to clear the cobwebs and all negative energy from my head and figured that by getting back to doing the things that I love, would help. But due to the limitations caused by the pills, things like rugby, jiu-jitsu and boxing were out. Which made everything even worse.

I skate.

Until I rediscovered skateboarding.

I’ve been skateboarding (long boarding) ever since. It hasn’t been easy as I’m still recovering but on days when I could skate, nothing else mattered. And on other days when I couldn’t because I wasn’t feeling too good, I’d flipped my negative feelings and turn them upside down into something positive – I started designing again.

The Turtle and the Wolf.

My life thus far.

I began working on my board, each design reflecting the struggles I went through, am going through and will probably face as time passes.

Gotta keep these feet protected.

And head too!

I moved on to my sneakers and helmets, and like my board designs, they reflected my thoughts and emotions. It was an intimate look into what and who I am.

It has been liberating so far and though I do wish that at times I had more energy to spend more time skateboarding than drawing, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe I needed this balance.

I bite. Not really.

I’m glad I rediscovered skateboarding, it’s literally given me a second shot at life. And if you’re still wondering why a 46-year old heart patient is doing it…

I skate. Because I can



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