We spoke to Joey Tnee, General Manager of Allure Beauty, a beauty saloon that focuses on eyebrow embroidery to find out some of the brand’s formula for success when it comes to customer engagement and loyalty.

Looking good as they say, do present opportunities. And the business of Beauty has never looked better. The competition for a piece of the consumer pie and customer attention has always been intense in the beauty industry and rightly so. The potential returns for businesses are perhaps to enticing too ignore. After all, it is an approximately $426 Billion dollar business!

We recently spoke to Joey Tnee, General Manager of Allure Beauty, a beauty saloon that focuses on eyebrow embroidery to find out some of the brand’s formula for success when it comes to customer engagement and loyalty.

How do you cultivate or encourage “Loyalty” amongst Allure’s customers? 

“Our main focus has always been the same since the very beginning, which is on the quality of eyebrows. It is one of the formulas which has helped us to retain our long time customers, most of which who has been with us since the very beginning. This focus has helped to gain their trust and continues to do so. With us, they are assured that we provide the best eyebrows and beauty services.

We treat our customers as part of our big family. Birthday vouchers are sent yearly to celebrate their special day with us. The Chinese New Year and Christmas are also some of the important festivals where we remember our customers and celebrate together with them; with special rewards and gifts. Important occasions such as Allure Beauty’s Anniversaries is a yearly event where we see our customers turning up in full force to celebrate the milestone with us year after year. Loyalty programs are in place and something that the management will review yearly to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.”

Allure Beauty Saloon has been around since 2002. Share with us the difference in consumer culture and habits over the years.

“We see the change in the way customers look for good eyebrow embroidery services. They not only look at print ads. They are now are more well read and informed. They will search the Internet for more information and decide what works best for them in terms of budget, quality and overall experience. They do tend to go through rigorous research and read up widely on other consumers’ personal experiences before making their decision as well. With social media, we have many new customers whom had seen and read the testimonials of many others and decided to trust their brows with us.”

Customers behavior vary and can at times even be erratic. What are some of the challenges that Allure has had to face when it comes to (business) competition?

“Beauty industry has always been very competitive – with new beauty treatments, salons and concepts available at every corner. The challenge lies in how we stay ahead of the competition.

Upgrade – We focus on staff upgrading. Each and every staffs at Allure Beauty goes through regular trainings from personal to skill development which allows them to evolve and become even better beauty experts in all areas.

Strategized marketing – We understand the changing needs of consumers and is constantly reviewing our marketing strategies to ensure that our branding efforts are in line.

 Business practices – As part of stepping up the customer experience with Allure Beauty, we are working with several organizations since early this year and we are on our way to earn our Case Trust and ISO qualifications. We have also revised and implemented a more comprehensive SOP and efforts on constantly improving customer service standards have always been consistent.”

In your personal opinion, how should or can loyalty be measured apart from perhaps repeat patronage?

“It would be customer referrals. When our customers are happy, they will definitely introduce it to their friends. A good portion of our customers is from referrals, which is a positive testimonial of their loyalty.”

These days more and more businesses are utilizing mobile technology to engage with current customers and to reach out to new ones. What’s your opinion on that?

“With advanced technology and faster Internet accessibility, the wide range of platforms and the ever increasing audience on mobile, we do recognize the importance of utilizing mobile technology. We have revamped our website and it is mobile friendly. We are also focused on Facebook to stay in touch with our customers constantly in a more interactive and engaging manner.”

What do you think are the areas that can be improved on when it comes to mobile technology and customer engagement?

“We are still studying the options and there are definitely plans in the pipeline. At present moment, we are looking into how we can let customers make their appointments online and they would get the instant notification which confirms the booking of their session, preferred therapist and outlet, ceasing the hassle of having to call the salon.” 

What features would you include or want to see in an Allure Beauty Saloon mobile app? (If your business already has an app, what improvements would you like to see?)

“We do not have any mobile apps but we are definitely looking to into to see how we can apply it to our business.”

The advent of mobile technology has brought opportunities for businesses to engage in their current customers and more importantly, to reach out to newer ones. For consumers, beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder but for businesses, it’s in the hands of the customers.

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