“It’s the amazing team that I work with and the flexibility for creativity that keeps me going. No idea is left unheard”, said Amanda Ng, Marketing Manager. There is definitely no dull moment at Attica or Attica Too.

Amanda with a friend during Carnival Attica on May 2009

For those of you who love to party and enjoy loud music and alcohol, then being a marketing manager for a club is probably the best job in the world for you. And Amanda is probably one of the luckiest lot amongst us all.

Now, Amanda has more toys to play with. When the team from Attica brought Le Noir, a revamped CasaZ, to life, Amanda is no doubt busier but loves every minute of it!

So if you are a party animal, you might want to consider a job that pays you to have fun 🙂

During Carnival Attica

The amount of competition among the nightclubs is intense. How do you ensure that Attica is constantly top of its game to ensure a consistent flow of customers? Has business been affected with the introduction of Zirca in the vicinity?

Competition is good as it helps operators keep Singapore Nightlife vibrant with parties of all sorts. Having a consistent flow of customers is not only about throwing a party or bringing in an International DJ. It requires a whole package- music, ambience, crowd and service.

You can’t take one out the equation, it just doesn’t work.

No, Zirca caters to a different target audience from Attica.

Interior of Attica

Belvedere VVIP Table at AtticaToo

Another wild night at Attica Too

Lilypad @ Attica

You have been with Attica for more than four years now. What is it about Attica that made you stay on?

It’s the amazing team that I work with and the flexibility for creativity that keeps me going. No idea is left unheard.

A wild crowd shot

The crowd that Attica attracts seem to be a different one compared to the rest. What gave the club that direction?

When we first opened, it was an untouched market. From then on, we’ve built a fair share of regulars and have now built an even larger base. We’ve always stayed focus on our target audience. Why fix something that is not broken.

Moet VIP lounge in Attica Too

Moet VIP lounge in Attica Too

How has the crowd changed for Attica in the past years?

It hasn’t changed much except for the nationalitie of our patrons. We get a good mix of expatriates.

What are some of Attica’s in-house specialties/promotions?

Every month, on one Saturday we host a Birthday Bash in Attica Too whereby Birthday Babies for that particular month can enjoy a complimentary bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut if they arrive before 11.30pm.

Each Birthday Bash has a theme entailed to it I.e. we just celebrated the November Birthday Bash- BLING Ba Da BLING.

Amanda with a friend  at Miami White Party

As the marketing manager, how often do you have to work late nights at the club itself?

Twice a week but it really depends on the week’s events. I could work late nights for 7 days straight depending on the events lined up.

What would a typical day working for Attica be like?

Wow…everyday is different. I think my most routine task is checking my emails. That alone takes up an hour in the morning as there are endless emails to respond to.

It’s definitely not dull; everyday is posed with different challenges – from dealing with clients for corporate events (at both Attica and our sister outlet Le Noir), going for meetings, handling final preparations to the week’s events to preparing collaterals.

It really depends on which month i,e. April is one of the most busy months as we will always be tying all the loose ends for Attica’s Anniversary party, “Carnival Attica” held yearly in May and obviously year end.

Where do you think you would be working if you were not working for Attica?

I would definitely be in advertising.

Interior of Le Noir

The bar at Le Noir

Outdoor of Le Noir

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