“Most of the time I’m focused on the athlete’s expression. To capture that moment when it articulates the essence of their sport.”

Photographer Zamri Hassan’s presence often goes unnoticed but his work always draws attention.

As an Action Sports photographer, he has refined the art of capturing the moment without impeding the action. His uncanny ability transcends across this form of visual arts to include music and street photography.

Those who know him will vouch for his humbled and affable demeanour aside from his natural talent. For most, it’s still perplexing that his photography is just a passion and not a fulltime gig.

Juggling a fulltime job, children and his photography passion is never easy but Zamri has always managed to find time for all his commitments; giving 100% in each as well. His dedication towards his craft has seen him on numerous occasions paying for admission to events just so he can take photos, attesting to his hallmark independent spirit.

When it comes to capturing the essence of his subjects, he explains it’s about seeing things with an open mind and being able to react to what’s happening – to essentially put it all in one frame. He credits his street photography for equipping him with the capabilities and knowledge that he has today.

On the subject of the “perfect shot” he says, “I prefer it (every time) to be a surprise. I like the challenge of having to think fast on my feet to overcome whatever issues at hand. It’s something that will always pump my adrenalin to capture that one momentous shot that would have otherwise have been gone forever unnoticed.”

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