9 Things I Learnt From My Liposuction Experience

So what have I learnt from my liposuction experience? Well here’s a list I thought I’d share with you based on my personal experience. Who knows, they might just help with your decision as well.

Liposuction Experience

It’s been exactly a month since I decided to take the plunge and walk the talk at Amaris B Clinic. The liposuction recovery is going well, far better than I had expected and I’ve been back to my daily routine for some time now with no interference or even discomfort either. Indeed, the mirror seems much kinder to me and these days I hold my chin up higher. Let me reiterate that, chin as in singular, hooray!
Liposuction Experience
I’ve experienced more pain waking up the morning after a Muay-Thai class. Yes granted I was under when the procedure was done but I woke up to no pain at all! Even the hubs (as I call him) who came to pick me up was surprised as we headed out from the clinic to grab that oh so deserving cup of coffee like as if I had just gone for a manicure instead of a liposuction.

Liposuction Experience
It’s perplexing at times that even with the wealth of information readily available, most people remain skeptical. It doesn’t help that news on liposuction or aesthetic procedures gone wrong tend to make headlines more often than the success stories. Whatever it is, it’s important to do a thorough research and not just rely on hear-say. There is a difference between being misinformed and not well-informed.
Liposuction Experience
Liposuction is not weight-loss per se. Its purpose is to remove fat and what it does is to contour or shape the body. Once the targeted fats are removed, the patient is recommended to practise a lifestyle incorporating a balance of healthy diet and exercise (which is the foundation of any weight-loss) to ensure that no unwanted fats make a comeback.

Liposuction Experience
The only thing I had to get used to was wearing a compression garment, initially anyway. Compression garments help to shape the body or face after liposuction.

Compression garments provide support for people with poor circulation, help prevent deep vein thrombosis and reduce swelling. You’ve probably seen athletes wearing them as well. This is because the garments help to prevent chaffing and rashes.

When worn post-sports activities, they help to ease muscle stiffness and quicken muscle recovery. Compression garments are my new best friends – it helps me shape up, assist in the liposuction recovery better and it trains my stomach to eat lesser.

Liposuction Experience

The cost of one procedure is still cheaper than my Chanel handbags – from S$3800 onwards.

You must always match your bags with your clothes and shoes but with liposuction, I can take the results of my slim self and confidence wherever I go.

Now if you choose a doctor based on the lowest price, it could be the most expensive lesson you’ll learn. With that said however, liposuction is not THAT expensive! You’ll be surprised at how affordable your lipo dreams are.

That being said, liposuction is not all about vanity. It is about health too. If you are majorly overweight, you can be at risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Exercise can be detrimental on the joints too. If you need help with your body but cost is a concern, there is financial assistance available such as 0% interest instalment plans by Citibank.

Liposuction Experience
Will it lead to fat gain in other areas? A big fat (pun intended) NO! You can gain weight post-liposuction if you don’t adopt a healthier lifestyle but no way will the procedure lead to fat gain in other areas. Weight-loss as explained in one of the points above is a combination of healthy diet, exercise and a well-rounded lifestyle. Liposuction is primarily for fat-loss.

Liposuction Experience
We’ve all heard scary stories of the negative (side) effects of liposuction. Here’s something straight from the horse’s mouth or to be more precise my lips, “I’ve had liposuction done on my chin and my lips are perfectly fine!” There you go.

Liposuction Experience

This isn’t true. When excess fat accumulates, the skin stretches. So conversely when fat is removed, the skin usually responds by contracting or tightening. This is because the skin is a dynamic organ. However, it does not mean that you will suddenly feel firmer after liposuction. Your skin will settle back naturally and not hang.

Of course, this all depends on the health of the skin before the operation. Your doctor will be able to assess during consultation.

Liposuction Experience

Patience is a virtue they say and in this case it can save your life! There’s a limit to how much fat can be safely removed at any one time during liposuction; which is generally accepted to be about 1 litre. Removing more than this recommended amount can result in excess blood loss which could have dire consequences. If you’re looking into removing more fats, it’s best to schedule a second operation.

There you go, list of 9 things I learnt from my liposuction experience. I hope I’ve shed some light (as I have with some fats) surrounding the stigma of the procedure. I’m really enjoying this new breathe of life and am looking forward to fitting in clothes I’ve long neglected.

Oh and did I mention, I’m loving what I see in the mirror?

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