How much can one from a design industry earn?

The creative mind develops at a very tender age – soaking up the world both visually and conceptually, scrutinising colours and texture, looking at the intertwined relationship between things, finding repetition and rhythm in what it sees. It looks at an object with positive instinctive manipulation; contorting and looking at it in all angles: simplicity with a twist and intricacy through simple eyes – the natural duo of the eyes and mind, which feeds its creativity endorphin.

Often playing the devil’s advocate, designers do not normally start off their creative design escapade as a money making endeavour. And it is not merely an 8-5 full time profession but rather a 24-7 dedicated passion, dedication and commitment. Designers often have a luggage full of questions and inquisitions, “ Why not?” and “Says who?,” and they are often reluctant to adapt, accept and mould into the habits of others. Whoever in concern, as they are eccentric in personalities and selective in preferences.

Designers arouse their sensorial experience and ideas by understanding and especially participating in social communications, experimenting and stretching the limits of their ideas and they engage themselves in visual foreplay of abstract ideas interpretation. They refuse to be allowed a smirk of dejection to their concept or a “No” in their idea development. Design, an initial passion, dedication and life to these stalwarts, designers stand by their craft with conviction and utmost passionate idealism. Passion… has become a very important noun to design paraphernalia. A word, which is able to give or take a life away.


However, when passion becomes a profession, it becomes a job. It is not that simple and easy anymore, somehow. It is this saturation point where creative individual has to re-focus. Directing themselves on what design sells and to give up “art for art’s sake.” When reality storms down and the bills are overdue, medical bills to clear, tummy to fill, one tends to bend towards clients’ requests, especially when the clients pay. And when they pay well.

Either sacrifice art or starve.


It’s really not easy when passion and business have to go together. Personally, the stress is underrated. A design profession is sometimes, perhaps, too romanticised a tad too much. To earn from what one loves doing; the only thing you love, are good at and won’t compromise for. There is this silent fear in each and every one of the designers – What if the muse stops visiting and inspiration elopes?

Does tapping all possible venues help to keep the creative mind occupied and sane?


Now and then, designers have the occasional, “I told you so” and the frequent questioning of, “How much can a designer earn?”

The trouble with us creative professionals is, we are passionate. Very passionate. Our passion suffocates the weak at heart. We are passionate in everything that we do and to all those that we love. We treasure each waking moment and cherish each sleeping nights. We pay attention to the very volatile curves in forms. Paying tribute to our craft, we are more determined than any other professional.

Carpe per diem. Carpe diem.


We take a walk in the park and stopped often to smell the roses. We live and most importantly, love life. We pay attention to life as it goes by. We apply this to work. But what is work when we love what we do and we never felt like we have worked once in our life?


This is something no food science or law varsities would educate, mould or build in their next generation. And this is also something not many professionals from other faculties have the privilege to feel and be.

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