After a much-deserved water break, our session with Arab resumes.

You can read Part I here.

To cater to the varying needs of his clients, he draws up training plans that would benefit them the most.

“I do an assessment according to the objective or goal. It can be for functional fitness or for a sport, both competitive and leisure. The goal can be anything. No way one program fits all. I mean, if one size fits all is all it takes, than health would not be such an issue in these modern times right? But that’s the beauty of it – making things work for different goals and needs.”

Fitness is big business fuelled by the need to stay fit and healthy. For the casual athletes, who arguably make up a substantial chunk of the business pie, strength and conditioning training is something they should consider. But what measures are there to look out for?

An athlete should have some basic knowledge of exercise and training. But it is not uncommon that some don’t, especially if they are casual athletes like gym enthusiasts or just active individuals. If they were to do it at home, I would say safety first.

Safety is second to none for me when it comes to training. With all the available different training methods and variations of exercises, the options are limitless as to what can be done in the comfort of one’s home or outside of the sport training. I would advise they seek professional and qualified advice from trainers or coaches first before doing something they are not familiar with not just for safety but also the functionality purposes and better efficacy.”

The list of Arab’s clients includes the “who’s who” of the local fight sport scene. To a certain extent, it must translate into pressure (no matter how little) to deliver. On this…

“I have a deep respect for the fighters I work with and they trust me to come work with me for their training and fight preps. There were times that both contenders in a bout worked with me for that fight. It’s just as hard for them as it is for me to not get distracted. So I just stay the course. No matter what the outcome, win or lose the fighters I work with will have what they need to give the best and produce an optimum performance.

Don’t get me wrong, of course the win is important to me. I shed a tear with these guys when it isn’t a win. But I shed a tear more when I see them come back to start all over again. It is not easy to accept something like a loss but their belief and dedication to their craft commands the highest respect.  I don’t teach heart, I just make sure they have the strength to keep it going. I believe in Trust and Respect. That’s how I deliver.”

Listening to the man speak, you can tell how dedicated and passionate he is about his craft. That, coupled with his knowledge and humble demenour can only bring him more success both in the gym and the real world. Which translate to the ability to scale even greater heights for those who are fortunate to have him in their corner.

As we near the end of our session, there is a rush of energy that engulfs – a second breath that keeps you coming back. It’s really been our pleasure as we bid adieu, leaving the gym open for his shoutouts.

“Shout out to Juggernaut Fight Club, where my roots are. To Team Chosen Wan, not any less proud for me to be a part of. And to the fight athletes I have had the honour of crossing paths with – for the teamwork, experience and doing their part to make the best with what we have. Keep fighting the good fight!”

Photos: Courtesy of Muhammad Abdillah Alkhatib Facebook.

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