PICOCARE is an FDA-approved Picosecond laser that can effectively treat different types of acne scars without causing Post Inflammatory HyperPigmentation. Acne, or what we Singaporeans often call ‘pimples,’ is the first sign that shadows the puberty period. As angry as teenagers can be, I think some acne are angrier. The boiling red angry ones that […]


Pores can cause problems such as acne and oily skin but did you know that they actually exist for a good reason? Pores provide a way for the body to flush out toxins, regulate temperature and moisturize dry skin. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to sweat and our bodies would overheat. That can be […]

Are you stuck with an unflattering figure due to stubborn fats? Can’t seem to get rid of unwanted body fat despite rigorous exercise and dieting? If you want to improve your body contours and proportion, you can do so with the help of liposuction. Liposuction can correct irregular body contours and permanently reduce fat in almost any […]


We’ve all been amazed by some of our favourite celebrities and their apparently flawless skin. But then again, that’s on celluloid (or film). These movers and shakers of the entertainment scene are not spared the effects of cellulite. A search and click on the World Wide Web is enough to show that no matter how […]


A slew of self-taken photos have literally taken over the world wide web! Selfie or selca, as they are known, have sprung up on our news feed in Facebook and Instagram like mushrooms after the rain. The rise in the popularity of selfies is nothing short of phenomenal but with every do-it-yourself fad, there is […]

9 Things I Learnt From My Liposuction Experience

So what have I learnt from my liposuction experience? Well here’s a list I thought I’d share with you based on my personal experience. Who knows, they might just help with your decision as well. It’s been exactly a month since I decided to take the plunge and walk the talk at Amaris B Clinic. The […]

“For 30 years I have preferred looking at my shadow than my reflection in the mirror…”

Muffin top. Thunder thighs. Saddle bags. It’s time we take control of our bodies and take out these negativities to the trash with bodywear. Truth be told, we do live in a superficial world. Terms like “muffin top”, “thunder thighs”, “saddle bags”, etc are often associated with a woman. Women everywhere, at one point of […]