PICOCARE is an FDA-approved Picosecond laser that can effectively treat different types of acne scars without causing Post Inflammatory HyperPigmentation. Acne, or what we Singaporeans often call ‘pimples,’ is the first sign that shadows the puberty period. As angry as teenagers can be, I think some acne are angrier. The boiling red angry ones that […]

The impact of the Korean beauty industry or K-Beauty is undeniable. It has influenced people globally, leaving an indelible impression across cultures even. It seems everyone wants to be a part of the K-Beauty wave and for businesses; it’s a pie worth taking a bite of. The 6th K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014 was recently held in […]

The Aesthetic and Beauty business is perhaps the most competitive industry and rightly so. After all, everyone wants to look good and the extent that some would go to achieve their aesthetic goals are boundless. But the returns for both consumers and service providers are as equally inexhaustible. Given this fierce and highly competitive climate […]

Upon awakening, the little girl found herself lying on the front porch of her house. She got up hastily looking for her mother but she was nowhere to be found. Her heart sank. “It must have been a dream,” she thought to herself. Just then, a voice spoke to her. “Hello, my baby. It’s me […]

Her mother was holding her tiny hands as she woke up from her sleep. It was a good sleep and it’s been awhile since the little girl slept that long. Her mother leaned over, gave her a kiss on the forehead. “사랑해 (Saranghae),” she said. The little girl rubbed her bleary eyes and saw her […]

In a remote village on the outskirts of Etude Kingdom, there lived a little girl. She lives with her father, the baker. The tiny bakery he works in is also their house. Made up of coconut leaves and driftwood, the rickety structure long needed some improvements done but the baker’s age was fast catching up […]