[The Entrepreneur Interview Series] - Brett from Old City Amulets & Occults

We all could do with a little help at times as we hope for better things and whether you believe in them or otherwise – luck and hope is good business. Just ask Brett. Who? Brett owns and operates Old City Amulets & Occult based in Singapore. “It’s a popular hobby in Singapore and collectors age […]

Yoga, as we all know and agree, is a holistic approach towards better self both for the mental and physical wellbeing. For generations, this ancient art has healed many people and has helped them attain a better and healthier life. Such is the influence of this mystic art of health and wellness. LAVA Yoga is a […]

When someone mentions coffee shop, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind is a hot cuppa; brewed and blended to your satisfaction. But if you think coffee shops are just about coffee, think again. You’ll be surprise at what have been brewed and served over a cuppa joe throughout the history of […]

Pay-As –You-Go. The term by its virtue alone sounds accommodating and enticing even. In a fast-paced world as the one we’re in right now, businesses and individuals alike can sometimes lose track of data; such as spending or purchases for example. When presented with the monthly bill, it can be frustrating matching dates to spending […]