“The Baking Steel.” – John A. Dole IV, founder of John’s Pizza, on making great homemade pizza. Whether you’re ordering up a pie or a slice, you won’t leave no bones behind when it comes to good pizza. Pizzerias are a dime in a dozen but it’s not just about slapping out some skin or […]

Based in Japan, ABC Cooking Studio is launching in Singapore on 24th April 2015. Learn how to cook your very own Japanese gastronomical delights! Over the course of time, food has evolved from just being a staple need to a culinary experience and more. We mentioned ‘more’ because all over the world the interest in food – […]

The impact of the Korean beauty industry or K-Beauty is undeniable. It has influenced people globally, leaving an indelible impression across cultures even. It seems everyone wants to be a part of the K-Beauty wave and for businesses; it’s a pie worth taking a bite of. The 6th K-BEAUTY EXPO 2014 was recently held in […]

eat less

So you like food. Did you know… you can trick your mind to fool yourself to eat less. 1. Make sure your plate or bowl is a different colour than your food The 2012 Journal of Consumer Research study found that the colour of dishware matters. The bigger the difference between the food and the plate colour, the less likely […]


Most supplements contain products that can be found in Nature. Mother Nature can provide answers and solutions to our weight loss needs and goals. Chances are most of us, at one point of time, have dealt with issues concerning our weight. Be it for health or vanity, the battle to lose weight in particular can […]