The continual rise of yoga’s popularity is never more apparent than today. With stress levels at an all-time high globally, people need a form of respite to release and relieve unnecessary burden. For generations, yoga has been helping people attain better health and life. It has also helped people to discover newfound strength, perseverance and positivity. There […]

December is a time for reflections and resolutions. It’s also arguably, a time for celebrations! Most of us will be partaking in the many Christmas year-end parties and the gastronomical delights that come with them. But in the spirit of the festivities, let us not forget that moderation is key in avoiding any complications. A […]

Yoga. The term itself resonates calm, tranquility, balance and all the Zen aspects in Life. It’s widely acknowledged that yoga’s benefits extend beyond the physical. If that’s not enough for its stature, endorsements from athletes like Hope Solo, The New Zealand All-Blacks and celebrities like Sting, Lady Gaga and more certainly adds more shine to the gleam. Which explains the boom […]