PICOCARE is an FDA-approved Picosecond laser that can effectively treat different types of acne scars without causing Post Inflammatory HyperPigmentation. Acne, or what we Singaporeans often call ‘pimples,’ is the first sign that shadows the puberty period. As angry as teenagers can be, I think some acne are angrier. The boiling red angry ones that […]

Watch Chanel’s beauty review video on DHC’s makeup removal products – Deep Cleansing Oil, Make Off Sheet & Washing Powder. A leading and popular brand in skincare products is Japanese manufacturer DHC. Its line of products in particular its cleansing range, have always been the choice of consumers looking for affordable but effective products. DHC […]

Physiogel Roadshow at Vivocity: Repair the Skin & Retain the Moisture! Singapore’s hot and humid weather is the reason people flock to seek refuge in the comfort of an air-conditioned building. Shopping malls, public transportations and even most school classrooms have been fully equipped with air-conditioning so unless you’re outdoors, you would hardly feel the […]