If you could sum up Shinya in one word – it’ll be a very long one. He trains, teaches, competes and is a husband and a father. Now repeat that a couple of times a day and you’d probably be an inch closer to the man’s daily routine. I first saw Shinya at a grappling […]

It was just past 3pm and Gabriel called for time. But the lesson wasn’t over yet. As the kids gathered around, he asks, ”So what did you learn today?” Meerkats Wrestling Club was set up by Gabriel Huang, a name synonymous with the wrestling scene here and regionally. Fresh from his 3-month coaching scholarship stint […]

Recently, The Wrestling Federation of Singapore (WFS) conducted the United World Wrestling (UWW) Level 1 Coaching course. Held over 5 days, the event gave the opportunity for aspiring coaches and those interested, to better understand the sport. We managed to catch up with Gabriel Huang, Operations Manager WFS and pinned him down for a quick chat. What […]

Singapore Wrestling is at it yet again.Before you spladle yourself into confusion; what we mean is they’re writing themselves into the book of local sporting achievements and further cementing their determination to increase recognition of the sport. The 2015 Liew Siow Gian League of Lions Cup (Lions Cup) is being held every Friday from October […]

The Wrestling Federation of Singapore conducted a few wrestling sessions for the Singapore Men and Women Rugby teams as part of the latter’s preparation in the run up to the SEA Games 2015. We speak to Asyraf Salim who together with Sean Lee conducted the sessions to find out more. Good day Brutha! Thank you […]

The common ‘Salt’ is a mineral substance composed primarily of sodium chloride (NaCl). Apart from adding flavor to food, there are many other uses of salt. Indeed the salt is quite a handy mineral and its good to have some lying about. But this article is not about salt. It’s about Deimos Athletics and the […]

Another page is about to be written in Singapore’s sporting history books. The Inaugural Southeast Asia & Australasian Wrestling Championship 2014 will take place on 25th and 26th October at the Yishun Sports Hall. This event will feature wrestlers from Australia, Vietnam, Thailand and other countries from the region. But all eyes arguably will be […]

We’re proud to be the Media Partner of Singapore Wrestling for the inaugural Southeast Asia & Australasian Wrestling Championship 2014 to be held in Singapore. The event posters were designed to include the elements of Sportsmanship, Camaraderie and Fun which are foundations of any Sport.  

Wrestling Federation of Singapore

The Wrestling Federation of Singapore  (or WFS) was started in 2008 where a small group of wrestling enthusiasts got together and spent most Saturdays, learning and refining the sport’s techniques. Its mission is to establish and develop the sport of wrestling in Singapore and since its inception, the WFS has managed to do so with […]

It’s been a number of years since that afternoon, the day I was introduced to Submission Grappling but each time I’m back at the gym, I’m still learning. “We stood toe to toe, feeling each other out…” Then in one swift blinding move, I was on the mat on all fours and before I could […]