In this day and age the Hollywood wrinkle free face is not confined to the silver screen. Women and men now have access to achieving the same look without undergoing the knife or without surgery, thanks to Botox.

Known for its anti-aging properties, Botox or Botulinum Toxin has been helping people looking young but the uses of the drug are not confined to cosmetic corrections alone. In fact, Botox is used to help people with an array of medical conditions. For beauty or health, Botox is proving to be quite the miracle drug.

[1] Botox to reduce wrinkles was an accidental discovery

Researchers have discovered that some migraine sufferers get almost total relief from their headaches after receiving injections of Botox

[2] Botox can treat crossed eyes, neck and eyelid spasms such as uncontrollable blinking and eye twitching

Botox was first used in San Francisco by Dr. Alan Scott. He used tiny doses of it to treat crossed eyes and uncontrollable blinking.

[3] Botox can Treat Acne Breakouts, Eliminate Large Pores, Reduce Sebum Production

Acne occurs when an individual’s sebaceous glands produce and release an excessive amount of sebum (oil) into the skin’s pores. The sebum is used as food by bacteria who in turn reproduce causing one’s pores to become inflamed forming pimples..

To eliminate large pores, oil reproduction and acne breakouts, a plastic surgeon in Chicago injects Botox directly into the skin instead of the usual procedure where it is administered into muscles.

According to Dr. Shah, Botox prevents the production of the sebum, which starves the bacteria that causes pimples.

[4] Botox can ease Overactive Bladder (OAB)

OAB is a condition in which the bladder squeezes too often or squeezes without warning. This leads to urinary incontinence, a sudden urge to urinate and frequent urination.

Injecting Botox into the wall of the bladder can ease the muscle causing it to relax and increase the bladder’s storage capacity. A newspaper reported that this can have a long-lasting impact on Overactive Bladder syndrome which is a major cause of incontinence.


[5] Botox may prove to be a surprising ally against Depression

Being a wrinkle reducer and muscle relaxant, common complaint about Botox is that it prevents people from showing their emotions. This complaint however may be an asset for those suffering from depression seeking an alternative treatment.

According to a study in a recent issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Research, facial muscles do not simply broadcast people’s emotions but are also important in identifying and experiencing emotions. This in turn, interrupts the development and maintenance of negative emotions.

[6] Sweaty Women Use Botox To Smell Good

Botox selectively blocks the activation of sweat glands and hence no sweat is released. Sweating has the most adverse effects as it can trigger other discomforts such as itching and irritation. The bad odour that accompanies sweating also puts a question mark on personal hygiene.

Sweating can trigger discomforts such as itching and irritation and the accompanying bad odor can be an adverse effect and on a personal level even a questionable personal hygiene. By selectively blocking the activation of sweat glands Botox prevents sweat from being released.

[7] Botox Lasts Longer by Taking Zytaze before the Injections

Wondering what would happen if people were given zinc before their Botox injections and knowing that Botox is zinc dependant, a Houston doctor combined a high dose of zinc with phytase enzyme. Not only was Zytaze born but if the drug was taken four days prior and on the day of the Botox injection, the effects last longer. This resulted in fewer repeated treatments and best of all, lesser money spent.

[8] I inject Botox In My Feet So I Can Totter In Louboutins Everyday

A self-confessed shoeaholic paid more than £300 to have fillers and Botox injected into her feet. Called the “Loub job”, it enables her to wear her favorite designer Louboutin stilettos without felling any pain.

[9] Diminish the Deep Bands on the Neck

You can actually treat the bands on the neck with Botox, which is a much less expensive option than surgery. Injections are made along the bands, paralyzing the muscles there. The only side effect that I’ve read about in my research is that some patients report having trouble swallowing after, so be very careful with choosing your doctor if you want this cosmetic treatment.

[10] Botox Relaxes Muscle Stiffness

Botox eases head tilting, neck pain and neck muscle spasms, especially stiffness in the elbow, wrist, and finger muscles associated with upper limb spasticity.

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