Trust and Tested

We cannot erase events that have taken place in our lives. A little self-belief and trust can help. What has it got to do with Fight Sport? Everything.

The exhilaration of triumphs, indifference of the mundane and the tears of defeats – for if we could that would render living, pointless.

As athletes of the sport, we are drilled in the various fighting arts techniques. The myriad of styles put together not only serves us when needed but it is also a form of education. We learn about the differences and the similarities, we understand the mechanics of each individual style and we apply what we’ve learned onto the bigger stage.

Even for those who do not partake in competitions, what we learned in the gym, we apply in our daily lives. Knowledge may be taught in a singular way but it is re-applied in various forms.

‘ The body, if it is well conditioned, begins to work by itself and that will save you in the moment when you need it most ‘   – The Big If ( Life And Times of Johnny Owen ).

While the above holds true but to know is not enough. The hardest part is to apply that knowledge. You may have been in a situation where things are not going the way as you expected, say in a fight. This is where your body takes over as your mind starts to succumb to the easy way out, to surrender.

Trust your body and yourself for the hours/days/months you’ve spent in the gym, sweating buckets and bleeding pints will get you through another round. The conditioning you were put through, will hold you together.

The strength of a fighter lies both in the mind and body.

In tandem, these can propel you to another level, be it in the gym or in an actual competition. When a spanner is thrown into the works and how you deal with it, will set you apart from the ordinary.

You have to trust yourself, remind yourself that the sacrifices you’ve had to make were what got you here. Whatever failures you’ve had are to make you a better fighter.

Once the fight is over and silence envelopes the very stage that was filled with a cacophony of sounds not so long ago, you will still be fighting. You will find a different kind of fight in your personal lives and in the world outside of the ring.

That’s when your true conditioning is tested and though nothing can prepare you for setbacks that Life can – and will – throw at you, know that you can overcome.

Trust yourself.

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