You are Not Woman Enough

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Our legs will never be long enough. Mummy will always be too busy. We will never be pretty enough. But no one should ever tell us, “You are not woman enough.”

Women. We come in all sorts of form and duties. A daughter. A female. A wife. A mother. We play many a great role, such a significant one that even the greatest thing on Earth bears our name – Mother Nature.
And women, no matter how strong we are, we get weakened by this addictive and yet sadistic noun – LOVE.Because when you love someone, you tend to mold into that someone he loves and what he wants you to be. It is inevitable. It is only natural, an unforeseen force. You may have a mechanical defense and say, “Never lose yourself when you are in a relationship” but seriously now; the only reason why you call your man, The Other Half, or The Significant Other is because he MAKES the other half of you. He completes you. He has become part of you and you part of him. Not only because of the existence of his love in your life but because of the person you have become to suit yourself in his life and yours to his.

But humans being humans, it is never enough. No one would remember the things you have done; everyone just wants to be better than the other – even better than the other half. Who is more romantic, who is a better lover, who has done what more… A competition within ourselves.

It doesn’t matter how you package yourself for the man you love, or the sacrifices you have done as a woman, wife and a mother, because there will always be that one day when your children tell you they hate you and your husband will tell you that you have changed… physically – whether they mean it or not.

To all the women in the world, note that it is only their loss to not know what they have, but if you have ever been selflessly loved and was ever accepted Just The Way You Are right from the start of courtship, please do inform me – because even Romeo had a hard time accepting the fact that Juliet was a Capulet…
And I might also have a hard time accepting the fact that such a thing called Unconditional and True Love still exists in the world in this age.Women will always be at the losing end. When we love too much, we are called stupid. When men love too much, they are called romantics. What does that leave us to feel? Really stupid.

Women, I pay tribute to thee. Women who have performed miracles to the world, built hopes for their children and being the selfless backbones for their husbands, and above all, to all those who have given their all to the family, society and professional industry.

We can always package ourselves to be the perfect one, fulfilling the roles to be everything to everyone.

But at the end of it, if the person who matters most to you cannot see the person whom you ought to be, who you really are, who you live to be, then you have failed…

Then, I have failed.

Or have we?

Somewhere out there, there will always be someone telling you that you did not try hard enough and that you are a little too pudgy. Our legs will never be long enough. Mummy will always be too busy. We will never be pretty enough.

But no one should ever tell us, “You are not woman enough.”


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